Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Where did this precious little baby go!?!

Or even the little boy that loved to dress up?

He is 14 today!
It is hard to believe that Matthew is already 14 years old. It seemed like he would always be that sweet little boy. He has really matured in the last year. We can't call him "little" anymore! He is 6 feet tall! Matthew is a good boy and has been easy to raise. We are very thankful that the Lord gave him to us 14 years ago! We love you Matthew!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Church Pictures

I am so behind with my pictures right now. I was getting ready to download family Christmas pictures onto the computer and realized I needed to delete some old files. I came across these pictures that McKenzie took of our church and thought I would share them. I thought they were so pretty. The sky was incredibly blue that Sunday! There are also a few from our church Christmas party.

Matthew with his buddies.
The rest of these are from the Christmas party. This is "Aunt Donna" loving on Myles.
Our pastor and his family. His oldest son is not in this picture. He is married and serving in the Marines. He is currently in Afghanistan.

Madeline and one of her sweet little friends.

Mr. John reading the Christmas story to the children. Malachi (in the bottom of the picture) lasted about two minutes!
I will share more Christmas pictures as I get them downloaded onto the computer!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look Who Is Three Months Old!

It is hard to believe that little Myles is already three months old. We went for a walk today and I said it doesn't even seem like we have had a new baby. He has blended right in with our family and has been such a blessing! He smiles a lot now and loves to "talk" to us. He has brought so much joy!


"I didn't mean to do it!"

"If I close my eyes will she go away?"

"I am really sorry.........."

That night at the supper table Matthew wants to know why our salt is like a rock! :>)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Pa!

Today is my dad's 84th birthday. I have lots of good memories of my dad. He is one of the most patient people I know. It takes a lot to ruffle his feathers. When we were little he would come home from work and take his tie and glasses off. He would lay down on the floor and all of us kids would climb all over him! Can you imagine coming home to that after working all day!? If it bothered him, he never let on! I rememeber lots of nights rocking with him in our big rust colored rocker. As we got older and he had three teenage daughters at one time he was still so laid back. I know we had to be so irritating at times, but he never said anything. He is very long suffering. :>)

He is now a grandpa to 14 grandkids. I think it is his calm demeanor that makes even the littlest ones love him. My kids have lots of good memories with him. I asked them to tell me a memory or what they loved about him and this is what they said.

McKenzie: "I have good memories of taking walks with him and spending one on one time with him. What I admire about him is his unwavering devotion to what he believes in."

Matthew: "When I was little and he would take me to breakfast at Huddle House. You (mom) would always tell him to scoop the butter off my grits and he would always leave a little. Also, the way he thinks I always do a good job when I cut his grass."

Madeline: "I love climbing the tree with him."

Mariah: "My funnest memory is when I went to their house this summer and got to swim late at night by myself with him."

Malachi: "Love" I kept asking him what he loved about Pa and he would say, " Yes, I Love." I guess that sums it up! :>)

Myles I am sure will love him when he gets bigger too!

Here are some picture that McKenzie took this fall. The girls were taking a walk with him. I thought they were sweet and saved them for his birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We all love you very much!

Monday, December 14, 2009


"People like me are seriously tempted to let our pride attach itself to the teaching and lifestyle that we call biblical patriarchy and make an idol of it. We may try to solve the problem of sin and misery in our families through perfecting our technique and use of the rod, or through the choice of a perfect home school curriculum, or through avoiding church youth groups, or through leading our children to marriage through courtship, or through getting involved in a family-integrated church. We can easily come to rely on these very good lifestyle choices, and the biblical principles we believe lie behind them, as if these things themselves have the power to transform families and assure that they will be followers of Christ. But they can't do that.

The inherent danger of being people with a cause is that we lose sight of our Cause. Biblical patriarchy is not the meaning of life for the Christian. Christ is. "For to me, to live is Christ........" (Phil. 1:21) Biblical patriarchy itself is not the secret for rebuilding families, churches, and nation. Christ is. It is horrible to think while focusing on the ingredients of a wholesome and biblical way of life, we may lose sight of the one who is the only source, guide, and goal of the Christian life, Christ himself." Phil Lancaster, Family Man, Family Leader

The above excerpt from a book my husband has struck me as so true. For several years now we have been watching families that are further down the road of parenting than we are. Sadly, we see so many families losing their children. We don't want that to happen to our family and pray for God's mercy and grace in raising our children. I agree that things like home schooling, family integrated churches, avoiding youth group, etc. are all great things that strengthen the family. I can't imagine not having the support of our church and the reinforcement of biblical standards we have for our children. I can't imagine having our children in school and battling the issues that come with that. So, I ponder why is it that we are seeing some (certainly not all) of these families that appear to be doing the right thing have children that turn their backs on what they have been taught? I don't have all of the answers (I wish I did!) However, I have observed the following.

I have seen families that are so strict and never seem to have any fun. It is those families that the children grow up and seem to turn their backs on everything they were taught. We have learned so much from our pastor. He has raised three boys with very high standards. He always stresses to make home a fun place. If he didn't allow them to go somewhere or do something that everyone else was doing he came up with an alternative. I think some parents become so dogmatic in the "good things" they are doing that they lose sight of what really matters. Our desire for our children is that they learn to love God with all of their hearts. If they love God, I believe they will have a desire to uphold high standards in their life and want to be set apart from the world.

The other thing that I have seen, is that every family I can think of that have rebellion with their children the wife does not follow the husbands leadership. If the house is divided it is bound to affect the children. Also, I have seen mothers that "protect" their children (especially the daughters) from the father. Not supporting the husband in the area of clothing or other things is bound to sow seeds of rebellion in their hearts.

Our prayer is that our children and our children's children love God and follow after His truths, not because of us but because of their own personal relationship with the Lord. We pray that there will be many generations of faithfulness.

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 4

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Carolers...

The other day I heard banging on the back door. I went into the laundry room to see what it was and saw Mariah and Malachi hitting the door with an umbrella and sword. I jerked the door open ready to fuss at them for making so much racket when they burst into song and dance. Mariah told me they were "Christmas Caroling". So, instead of fussing I went and got my camera!

Singing and dancing to "Jingle Bells"

One VERY dirty caroler.


One of the Christmas traditions that I continued from my childhood is making a Christmas calendar. I remember getting so excited about doing it as a child and it is fun watching my children have fun doing it now.

I try every year to take each child Christmas shopping by themselves (another tradition that my mom did with us.) Mariah was getting concerned that she wasn't going to get her shopping done, so she started making and wrapping her presents. It was so cute watching her really think about each person she was making gifts for.

Sweet little Myles enjoying the Christmas lights!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Pictures

What is it about Christmas pictures that is such a nightmare!? I have given up on going somewhere for professional pictures. I even ditched the idea of a family snapshot. ALL I wanted was a decent shot of the children. Here is a sampling of what we got.

Malachi quickly decided to not cooperate.

Check out those big sisters' looks!

Maybe a change of scenery???

The escape!
Uh Oh! There is daddy!

Better get back!

On the run again..............

Never a dull moment................
*Penny update: Malachi "passed" his penny the next afternoon and then proceeded to announce at bedtime that he "ate another money"!