Sunday, May 27, 2018

Girls' Trip 2018

We had our 4th annual girls' trip last week!  We had two sweet baby boys join us this year. :)
We were very last minute nailing down a date and finding a place to go.  We were pleasantly surprised when we got to our condo!  It was perfect!  It had recently been remodeled and it was clean and decorated minimally!  Just like we like it! :)

Lots of help getting ready! :)  Why do girls always like someone else to do their hair!?

It was such a needed time away.  We laid by the pool reading "for fun" books!  What a treat!

Mariah had  fun with Elliott in the pool.  He wasn't thrilled with the water but it was a little bit cool!

Sweet little fellow!  The babies were both good for us!

McKenzie , Madeline and I enjoyed daily runs on the beach.  Mariah enjoyed staying back keeping the babies and watching her favorite old television shows!

We also took long walks.....

                                                 Me with my oldest.


                                            Isn't he the cutest!?

 We enjoyed pizza one night and they even had gluten and dairy free options for Madeline!  I can't say hers was as yummy as ours.

Boat ride on the river.


We walked through the candy shop and didn't buy a thing!

AFTER we got on the boat she announced that she doesn't really like boats. :)

Watching a barge pass by.

"I see you wear Chacos… tell me about your adventures."

 Morning hangouts on the porch.

                                                  Two worn out baby boys.

We had dinner at one of Paula Deen's  restaurants.  Mariah enjoyed the white bread... guilt free! :)  The joys of youth!

The food was ridiculous!  This was what McKenzie and I ordered.  We could have split one meal.  Since it was our last night we were able to take it to Matthew.


Finishing another run...…

We stayed at the north end and had the beach pretty much to ourselves!

Sweet little Elliott getting lots of auntie love!

We walked the pier one evening. 

Snuggles with "Aunt Nana"!

Another trip.... more sweet memories...

~Until next time.....

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mother's Day

I got on here to write a post and saw that I never published this one!  That pretty much sums up my crazy life right now!
Mother's Day was very sweet this year.  The grandbabies got dedicated at church.

We also had a dedication for "Baby L" after the service.  The pastor did such a sweet job. (For those that might have missed the post we have a brand new little foster baby with us right now.  Praying that things work out for us to have him permanently and one day I can share more about him!)

Matthew bought me this beautiful andevilla  and he even did the planting for me!

After church we went to eat at Freddy's!  McKenzie and I both decided we wanted to do that.  It was quick, the kids like it, and our kitchens stayed clean!

Macheus saw that "Bubbie" gave me a flower so he went outside and picked one to give me. :)

The pictures didn't upload in the right order .... :)

After church Marc and the kids all gave me sweet gifts and I laid on my bed and visited with them.  It was a very relaxing afternoon!

I ended my day with a swim at McKenzie's house. I took Macheus with me and enjoyed some time with him.
~Until next time....