Monday, October 29, 2018

Fair Day 2

Day two of our family time at the fair- Marc had the day off but Matthew had to work. He joined us that evening for a little while but I didn't get any pictures. of him. :(  The "big kids" had several other fair days but this was it for Marc and I and the younger kids.

                                          More chocolate milk!!!

This was a  9/11 exhibit.  It was pretty interesting and the boys learned some things that they didn't know.

                                                        Macheus- 5years

                                                           My babies.….   <3 p="">

                                                    Malachi -12

                                                          Myles 9

Checking out the baby chicks.

Boys and tractors.... they love climbing on them!

                                                        Mariah 15

                                                   Cow trivia! :)


Watching the baby chicks hatch.  This is a project I really want to do at home sometime!

Madeline is such a sweet big sister to the boys.

                                            Waiting on the water show to start.

                                                         Watching a horse show.

                                        In "horse stall jail"! "_

And more chocolate milk!!!!  They got the free milk and the free goat milk ice cream and made milkshakes! :)

                                                           My crew minus two!

Checking out the "horse mania" booth.  Madeline and Mariah both worked half a day in exchange for free fair tickets all week.


Someone gave us some free ride coupons last year and we had several left.  Marc took the boys on a few rides because I do NOT do rides anymore!

They will ride roller coasters all day but cried like babies over the Ferris wheel! :)

This pictures brings such bad memories.  This robot was one of the walk around attractions and we saw him in a very crowded area.   Macheus was sitting in the wagon when we took this picture and when we turned around he was gone.  Scariest minute of my life!  When I finally found him running away from us I realized he ran because he was terrified of the robot.

And this picture will always be a sweet memory.  Baby "L" has a fear of loud noises.  We don't know if it is PTSD from things he experienced in the womb or if it is just "him".  Either way we have been trying to work with him.  The fireworks were going off and Madeline cradled him close and he didn't cry!

And that is the end of my Georgia National Fair pictures for the year!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Fair Day (day 1)

Our first day at the fair started out with our annual soap carving contest.  It is an easy way to get the family in for free and some of them actually enjoy it! :)

We had a dear sweet family that we have been friends with for years join us this year!  I wish I had taken more pictures!

                                                 So much talent!!! :)

The girls didn't enter any sewing or crocheting this year but Madeline did well in the food preservation!

The new "baby barn" was a high light this year!  Lots of baby pigs and calves.  We actually watched a cow in labor.

Elizabeth was very cautious around the animals.

These two...   Uncle and niece...… so funny!

A lunch break and a little horse show watching.

Waiting on a show.


I think the dairy cows are one of my favorite parts of the fair. I love seeing local farmers do what they do!

                                              Macheus loves animals!

#kemp for governor!  I love that my big kids are politically active!  Matthew even snagged an opponent's sign that was in a zone too close to a voting precinct.  :)

Me and one of my babies! <3 p="">

Oh my word..... McKenzie volunteered poor Matthew for this show.

Sweet girls waiting on the circus to start.

Gosh... they look so serious. :)

LOL.... we were trying to take a selfie :)

Watching the fireworks at the end of a fun day!

Lots of fun…. and that was day one!