Monday, November 27, 2017

Mountain Trip

We recently took a family trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains!  It was a trip with the whole family to celebrate Marc's birthday!

We planned it last summer and I was so excited to find a cabin that was perfect for us!  It had three levels and enough rooms/ beds for everyone. :)

The little uncles with their nephew. :)

Some of the crew in downtown Blueridge.

Mac found a "short Santa"!

The top level of the house is where Marc and I stayed.  It had a loft area with bunk beds and this adorable teepee is where Macheus chose to sleep. :)

Sweet little Elliott..... he was an angel the entire trip. :)

The girls and I agreed that we didn't want to eat out at all.  It is too much work and typically, we don't care for the food!  So we fixed our own!

The fires were so cozy in the evenings.

                                                He loved his teepee. :)

I don't think Elliott was put down much during the trip.

Our first full day there we decided to go hiking.  We took all the kids with us for seven miles!  That is a lot when you are talking about up and down mountains carrying two babes and a four yo old foot!

Elliott was my hiking buddy.

Because my boys are always outside and always running, it really didn't phase them.

                                                            My girls.

The whole crew after our hike was finished!

He slept almost the entire time.

Macheus hiked with his daddy until the last two miles.  His legs pooped out and Matthew held him.

Daniel hiked with Elizabeth.  She did really well too!

Matthew finished up the last two miles with Mac on his shoulders.

The next day I talked these two guys into running a long trail with me.  We did a ten  mile trail that went up a mountain, then back down to this swinging bridge.  Marc and Madeline took a shorter route and walked it.  The others stayed at the cabin.  It was so much fun running it!

Madeline made it to the swinging bridge.

One of the evenings we let the kids cook their hotdogs on the fire pit and made S'mores.

                                                     I love these munchkins.

We enjoyed walking down the mountain from our cabin.  There was pastureland with cows in it. So beautiful.

                                                  My firstborn with her firstborn.

This girl loves her hot tea.

And this boy.... bless his heart.  I don't give him sugar very often.  He really enjoyed his S'more and we really paid for it. 

She was not interested in eating that strange white thing at all!

Marc and two of his boys.....

McKenzie and her two babes.

The mornings were slow and relaxed....

You can't go to Blueridge without going to Mercier's orchards.  My parents loved going to the North Georgia mountains. They took McKenzie several times when she was little and Matthew went once.  I am so thankful my kids have those memories with their grandparents, and I'm so glad that my daughter now values those relationships with us and her children. I've known some adults that were very selfish with their kids spending time with their grandchildren.  Once they are gone it is too late, and you have really cheated your children out of wonderful memories!

Uncle "Bubbie" wiht sweet little E!

Macheus was more intrested in eating his apple than riding the tractor.



Giving Elizabeth a taste of cider.

They were eating peach pies in memory their grandma. My parents loved them so much!  We took a box back to grandpa.

We hiked Amacaloa Falls.  It was beautiful and isn't but a mile hike up and back down.  


It was a wonderful trip with lots of sweet memories made!  I was glad to get back home though. It definitely is colder three hours north of us!  My hair was dry, my skin itched and my lips were chapped!  I am not a wintertime gal! :)