Friday, October 31, 2014

Fair 2014

Several weeks ago we spent a couple of days at the fair.   It is always something we look forward to in the fall!

                                         Soap carving contest! :o)

                                    He took it very seriously. :o)

Macheus wasn't so sure about "Fair Bear".

The girls sewed a square for a quilt that will go to a soldier.


                                              Cute little goats.

We always love seeing the cows (and getting the free chocolate milk!)  Our dream is to one day get a dairy cow!

Every little boy loves tractors!

                                                               Time for lunch!

                                           The little fellows.


Madeline won some first and second place ribbons this year.  She entered canning, crocheting, knitting and sewing.  Mariah is looking forward to turning twelve so she can enter some things.

This was the day before he ended up in the hospital. :(


                                          The "big" three.

Fall is moving on in a hurry!  I love the cooler temperatures, candles, pumpkins and the turning leaves.  I dread winter coming though and it seems that fall slips by so fast!  We will soak it up while we can!
Happy FALL!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Smiles with Myles

Caught him "reading" to Macheus this morning in the playroom.  "Are you my mudder said the duck?  No, I'm a chicken."

This evening when he came to the table at supper time he saw squash on his plate.  He said,  "Oh no, broccoli!  This has been a really hard day!"

This little fellow keeps me on my toes!

I can't imagine life without him! :o)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bridal Portraits

These were taken a couple of weeks before the wedding.  I am so glad we have them and I love that they were taken on our property!

She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!  (I am not a bit biased! :o) )

The dress that she wore was mine.  We had a very talented seamstress friend of ours remake it for her.  She did an amazing job keeping all of the original lace but totally changed the top of the dress.

When I look at this picture I think of the many hours McKenzie spent riding horses here.    When she was little she would put dress up clothes on and ride bareback.  So many memories....

This was my veil too (minus the wreath of flowers that McKenzie affectionately called "the birds nest" :o)

This picture on her swing is one of my favorites!

Well, that is all of the pictures I have to share at this time!  We haven't gotten the pictures back from the photographer that took the wedding day pictures.  I can't wait to see them!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Wedding Day

Back to our regular scheduled blog posts! :o)  Marc is doing well and we still don't really know what caused whatever that was last week.  He is scheduled to see another neurologist just to see what he thinks.  I am just very thankful that he is fine.  I think I drove him nuts this week texting him all day to make sure he felt ok.
The day of the wedding we got up really early (after not a whole lot of sleep!) and it was a little drizzly out.  I was so thankful that McKenzie talked me into scheduling appointments for both of us to go to a salon for the morning!  I made smoothies and then the two of us left.  The crew was at the house getting things ready for the reception.  My sister told me later that the girls were out tying chair covers on in the drizzle.  It was good that I wasn't there!

It was so surreal that the day we had been planning for so long was here!

                             She looked so beautiful!

When we were finished at the salon we headed to the church.  Everyone was there busy getting ready.  It was amazing to see how many people had a hand in making the day happen.  I was so thankful for so many friends and family members that were willing to help in so many ways!

Because Marc had the boys and I didn't see them until they were all dressed.  When I saw these two little cuties come down the hall I had to get a picture.  My biggest regret from the wedding day is that I didn't take more pictures with my camera.  I don't have a single one of Matthew or Marc.  I wish I had taken one of each of the children with McKenzie.  Of course, the photographer took a ton, but we haven't gotten those back yet.  I am anxious to see what she took!  I know she took a bunch of McKenzie with Marc when he saw her for the first time.  I watched that happen and I know they will be priceless!

I loved that she was a barefoot bride!  It just suits her personality!

Madeline, Carrington and Mariah were three of the nine bridesmaids.  I thought they all looked so beautiful in their dresses!

Me and my girl.

Myles talked about the wedding ALL summer long.  He would tell people  that he was going to wear suspenders, a "flower right here", and have cake!

                                      McKenzie and her grandpa (my dad)

Mr. and Mrs. "G" arrived at the house for the reception!

Daniel made so many cute signs for the reception.
Our friend, Beth did the reception for us.  She did an amazing job helping McKenzie achieve the look that she wanted.

The wooden spools were one of my favorite things!

It was a beautiful day!  I have had people ask me if I am sad that it is over with.  No!  It was beautiful and I am so glad she had the wedding she has always dreamed of.  Planning a wedding is consuming though, and I am thankful to have that behind me.  Her being gone though is another story!  We miss her like crazy!  She lives three hours north of us so we will be going stretches of time not seeing each other.  Thankful for technology though.  The kids talk to her a lot and she sent a video of herself talking to Macheus the other day.  He played it on my phone over and over again.  The kids missing each other has been the saddest part for me.  I think mamas all want their little ducklings together!  Life marches on though and things can't stay the same.  She and Daniel are very happy and I am so thankful she has such a sweet and Godly husband!  That is truly a blessing!
I will post McKenzie's bridal portraits next time!