Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jekyll Island

One of our most favorite trips that we take each year is our family beach trip to Jekyll Island!  It is such a beautiful island!

We were loaded down and headed out bright and early!

I love traditions.... We always stop in the same little south Georgia town to picnic!

And I was So glad that Matthew got to go with us this year!  I know when they get to this age there may not be many more vacations with us! :(  Although, McKenzie and I have schemed of family beach trips with all of the married kids!  It would be great fun!!!

These two monkeys.... they have always loved each other so much.  The play hard... and sometimes fight hard!
The fist day we were there the guys played in a tennis tournament and won the doubles!  The next morning Marc won the singles.  He played in college so I guess he's still got it! :)
The first night when we go on a trip Marc and I always leave the kids and head to the grocery store.  Marc is pretty out of touch with the shopping at home, so he was a bit shocked at how many groceries it takes to feed our crew even with us eating out every night. :)
 Night one was Chinese take-out!  I loved the suite we had this year.  It was huge!

Lots of beach time....

                                                     Watermelon by the pool. 

They found lots of sea creatures this year!

I'm not sure which one was more worn out!

The annual sibling line-up picture.  I love that "Baby L" joined us this year.... just missing McKenzie!

"Mama, I'm gonna pretend I'm falling in."

Boys and climbing.....

I love this girl.  She is our writer... our deep thinker.... I wonder what she was thinking as she was perched in this tree. :)

Love this boy... who isn't much of a boy anymore...…

And this boy...….

Waiting on dinner at our favorite restaurant on St. Simons... Iguanas!  Macheus and I love it because they have free soft serve ice cream!

Our walkway to the beach was lined with these beautiful flowers.

All of my boys....

He said he wasn't tired and he didn't need a nap.

The four of us ran in the annual Jekyll beach run!  Matthew was third overall!  Malachi was ahead of me until towards the end.  Kids raised in the country!

Matthew and I both won our age group.  I love running but I'm not the least bit competitive, but the guys are always proud when I win. :)

biking is our favorite on Jekyll….

The guys kept the baby while we biked part of the day and then we switched.

                                               driftwood beach...

The sound of the waves crashing on these rocks was earie sounding but so peaceful.....

The only picture the guys took of their biking. :)

The Sea Turtle Center was pretty interesting.  The kids got a little "schooling" done while on vacation!

Well, that was a few of the many pictures we took.  It was such a wonderful trip and I was a bit blue when we headed home.  I love spending time with these people!

~Until next time.....