Saturday, July 27, 2019

Family Beach Trip

Three days after adoption day our entire family took off for the beach.

The timing of it was just perfect, and it was so weird not having to crop or cover up Matthias' face in our social media posts!

The first night of our beach trip Marc and I always go pick up dinner and do our grocery store run.  Every year he is shocked at how many groceries it takes to feed our crew! :) 
The evenings were so nice... just sitting around talking and reading.

Our condo this year was a great setup for us.  It had a full kitchen and a washer and dryer!!!

The island was so beautiful!
I could get used to morning runs with these sights!
We closed the water park down one day!

Snow cones and miniature golf.

Our balcony was nice because the railing was high enough that they could play out there without me worrying.

                                Such a sweet, sweet baby...……

This kid has eaten his weight in Purely O's!

We mostly had the pool to ourselves.

My beautiful and sweet Madeline!

He absolutely loves the water!

McKenzie's family went down four a couple of days.  This is the only picture I took the day we were at the beach together!  The babies had fun playing together.

Macheus always has to pose like he's falling in at the end of the pier.

 The annual "line up" picture.  I wish I had thought to take one when McKenzie was still there. :(

  I sure love this girl!  Everyone talks about the dreaded teenage years. I have loved my teenagers so much!

                                                       Worn out.....

Madeline was my photographer this year. :)

I am always sad when another summer comes to a close.  Even though summer is far from over, our summer travels are over and school is right around the corner.  Thankful for the sweet memories we made this year!