Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Poem


I love you, Johnny, said mother one day,
I love you more than I can say,
Then she answered his questions with,
Don't bother me now!"
And just didn't have time to show him how
To tie his truck to his tractor and plough,
But she washed her windows and scrubbed the floor
And baked and cooked and cleaned some more.

"Bring the boy next door in?" "Well, I should say not,
You'll mess up the floors and I don't want a spot."
"No, we don't have time for a story today,
Mother's too busy cooking, so run out and play,
Maybe tomorrow," she said with a sigh,
And Johnny went out almost ready to cry.

"I love you, Johnny," again she said,
As she washed his face and sent him to bed.
Now how do you think that Johnny guessed
Whether 'twas he or the house that
she really loved best?

I am not sure who the author is. I copied this from an Above Rubies e-mail newsletter. I think we all are guilty of losing our focus of what is really important as mothers. I know I have said, "Go play!" lots of times. It really reminds you to slow down and not lose a minute of the fleeting time with our children!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nine Weeks

Today was an exhausting day. I had to drive over an hour to take two of my children to have their birthday pictures taken (only two months late!) After their appointment I stopped at my midwife's office to have another quick ultrasound. I went back to the ultrasound room by myself. The sonographer was able to do the ultrasound externally. The baby looked great and the heart beat was very strong. She asked me if my children would like to see it. She went out and brought them back in. They both just stared at the screen kind of mesmerized. It was funny. We got to see it wave it's little arm and kick a leg. It was amazing. I am about 9 weeks and one or two days. It is amazing to see the changes from week to week. I talked to my midwife and the doctor who is over me. They both feel like at this point that everything is fine. I am scheduled to go back in three weeks. At that point they should be able to pick up the heart beat with the doppler.

As we were leaving the parking deck Matthew (my 13 year old) said, "Mom, did you know that you should only gain 27 pounds while you are pregnant?" He had been watching an informational video that plays in the waiting area. He then proceeded to ask me how much I gained with my other pregnancies. I said that I had gained about 28 with two of them, 35 with two of them and 45 with him! He said, "Wow, you gained 45 with me? You must have been HUGE!" You have got to love their honesty! The other day my six year old was hugging me. She pulled back and put her hand on my stomach and said, "I love you. I will even love you when you get fat!"

I have had two of my worst days yesterday and today. I kept hoping the nausea would start to get better since it started so early with this pregnancy. This week has not been a good sign!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eight Weeks

I went to the midwife today for my official "first ob visit". They did another ultrasound and the baby measured exactly where I felt like it should. Last week it was three days smaller than I figured. The heart rate was very strong. It was amazing to see the difference from last week. You could see arm and leg buds. We even saw the head make a small twitching movement. It was amazing!

All of our children know now. It will be a miracle if Mariah (our 6 year old) keeps it a secret for four more weeks! I felt like I needed to tell her last night. She went to McKenzie (our oldest) and said, "Something is wrong with mama. She is very edgy and she hardly ate any m&ms!" That is pretty bad when you aren't eating junk food and your kids think something is wrong with you! I normally have a sweet tooth and eat ice cream most everyday. Right now the thought of that kind of stuff makes me want to throw up! She was very excited and the first thing she did this morning was look at my stomach. It is going to be a long pregnancy for her!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little scare!

Last night my husband and I went out to do some shopping. While we were out I felt a little crampy. I went to the bathroom and my heart sunk. I had some spotting. I have spotted with all but my first pregnancies. It still makes you sick to your stomach to see it. My first ob appointment was scheduled for the middle of next week. I would be about 8 1/2 weeks then and they would do an ultrasound to check for a heart beat. I felt like I was probably fine, but for peace of mind I called my midwife this morning. She told me to go ahead and come in and they would do a quick ultrasound for me. We saw the heart beat!!! It was such an awesome feeling to see that little life inside of me. The baby was attached high in my uterus so she couldn't pick up the sound, but we could see a definite little heart beat. She said it was good and strong and she didn't see anything abnormal that would be causing the bleeding. She said it was probably implantation blood (which with this being number six I kind of already assumed that.) It was nice to be reassured though! I still have to go back next week for my regular appointment, but it was worth the trip today to see that little heart beat!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Seven

I copied this from a website. It is amazing that even though the baby is so tiny, so much is going on!

How Big is the Baby at Seven Weeks Pregnant?
During pregnancy week 7 your baby will grow tremendously, up to 13 mm in length! Your baby is much closer to the size of a large blueberry or small grape by 7 weeks pregnant than a pea.
Your Baby's Growth and DevelopmentAt 7 weeks pregnant facial features become more prominent in your newborn. Upon close investigation you may be able to discern a mouth and even a tongue (you actually can't see the tongue, but it is forming inside your baby!). During pregnancy week 7 your baby's eyes will also start to become more fully formed, and now have a retina and lens attached. The major muscle systems in the body also continue to develop during pregnancy week 7, and your baby begins to produce his own blood type. Your baby's movements will be uncoordinated at best at this point during pregnancy, but rest assured your little one is squirming about his new home.
If you were to look directly at your baby you would still be able to see slight webbing in the fingers and toes during pregnancy 7 weeks. Teeth are also starting to form on the inside of your baby's mouth, and thin veins start to peer out from beneath your baby's skin. Your baby's intestines and appendix should be formed by now. By this time your baby's liver is working diligently to start producing red blood cells. Your baby should be bouncing right along in his comfy and warm home

Another Baby!

This is not a very clear picture but if you look closely you can see the word "pregnant" on the stick.

We are very excited about welcoming another little one into our family. My oldest daughter talked me into doing a "baby blog" of this pregnancy. If I have the time I guess it will be fun!

We found out I was pregnant mid-January. I had a cheap home pregnancy test that came up very faint. The next week I had to go to my regular doctor for an ear infection and he ran a blood test. The next day a phone call confirmed what indigestion already had told me. My last pregnancy I had indigestion really early and it has been like that this time too. I decided to do a digital test for fun and to take a picture of it. We will wait and share our news around week 12. Our oldest two children know and they are very excited! Some people might think that it wouldn't be as exciting with it being number six, but it definitely is!