Saturday, November 24, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

We had Thanksgiving out our house again this year.  We have been home every year since my mom died.  I always think of her as I prepare the meal using all of her old recipes.  I still miss her. :(
McKenzie and her crew were with us this year, and my oldest sister and her family came down.

Madeline, Mariah and I spent the day Wednesday getting the food done. Two pans each of dressing, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, a pot full of mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce! Mariah always makes pumpkin pies.  Nobody ever eats them on Thanksgiving day, but it's tradition! When the weekend rolls around and they are scrounging for something sweet they are always glad they are there! :)  My sister made broccoli salad and chocolate layer torte. (Another of my mom's recipes!)  McKenzie made homemade rolls and a yummy pumpkin cake!  We had enough for triple the crowd!

Our neighbor fried this turkey for me and I cooked a turkey breast.

McKenzie butchering the bird!  Haha....

Elizabeth with her Great-Aunt Monica!

                                           "Please don't take my picture."

The weather was beautiful so the kids got to play outside.

And these guys watched a little football on the computer.

Matthew and grandpa.  I always wonder if it will be his last.  He has been a handful lately, and we are pretty sure dementia is rearing its ugly head. :(  A very hard season for all of us.  I'm thankful for the good memories, but sad that my younger children didn't get to know the "Boo Boo and Pa" that the older ones loved so dearly. Matthew always takes him in stride... which is nice.  

McKenzie's beautiful cake!


                                                 The kids played out behind the barn.

A bunch of the grandchildren and one great-grandchild!  The two babies were sleeping.


The next day I went Black Friday shopping with my girls.  It is a tradition we have always done, and I used to do it with my mom.  My mom was a more serious shopper than I am, but we always have fun.  We don't go out early and battle the lines, but we got to Kohls late morning and didn't quit until late that night!  I have most of my shopping done which is nice!

One of our favorite traditions is lunch at La Parillas!

One of our last stops was Bass Pro!  It was cold and drizzly out so the fire was nice!

Yep, we wore dorky, matching shirts!  I saw them at Kohls and laughed at them and Madeline talked me into it. 
Well, I can't believe the Christmas season is upon us!  We have so much to be thankful for and it's always a good time of year to slow down and reflect on God's goodness in our lives!
 I hope you all are having a wonderful and Peace-filled holiday season!
"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!" Psalm 107:1
~ Until next time......

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


With the holidays quickly approaching I decided I better do one last fall post.  Marc has had lots of business travel this fall but one of my favorite spots is Savannah!

Malachi, Macheus, baby "L" and I joined him for this trip. The weather was perfect while we were there!

We usually stay right on the river because that is where his conferences are always held.  Once we park the car we never get in it again until time to head home.  We walk all over town and it is so much fun!

The parks, the market place and of course River St. are our favorites.

Macheus asked me to take his picture next to the "white pumpkin".

The hotel had a gorgeous pool on the roof top.  Because it was heated and the sun was shining the whole time, the boys had a blast!  The baby enjoyed laying out there too!

Macheus always looks for "his" little ship when we go.

While walking down the streets looking at old homes we came across this peach house with green shutters.  It was our wedding colors!  Marc was being a goofball! :)  This would not be my color  choice now! LOL.….

We went to the famous Leopold's and Macheus got to play an oldie on the jukebox!

Running his energy out on River Street!

Another fun thing we always do is take ferry boat rides across the river.  It is so pretty at night.

                          Sometimes it is hard to pack the kids and go but I'm glad he wants us! :)

                                                    Swimming on the roof!

He was so wired from the sugar he had consumed!  I was ready to get him home and back on his regular diet!

One of Marc's favorite things to do is look at the historical stuff.  Savannah has so much history!  Malachi is really into history too, so they had a fun time together.

"Look at our beards!"

The last day we went to the Civil War Cemetery.  Apparently, there are several "whipping trees"  but this was the one that we found.  Very sad part of our history.

They found the grave of James Lord Pierpont (the writer of Jingle Bells.)  The kids thought it was funny that his gravestone had musical notes all over it and there was a big jingle bell on his grave. :)

Well, we had tons more pictures but if I don't go ahead and post this it probably won't ever get done.
And an update on the court hearing concerning "Baby L".  The Lord has had his hand upon this baby from the beginning!  Things are rolling along... just very slowly. We have our next court date in January.  Thank you to those whom have prayed!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Saturday ramblings...

Yesterday afternoon I had several errands that I needed to run. Co-op order to pick up, returns to the store, groceries to buy...…  So... Madeline tagged along and we used it as an excuse to eat at Panera! :)  We almost always eat at Chipotle when we go out but we wanted something different and it was so good!  We love their green drink!

We got home kind of late and Matthew got to spend some time with "Baby L".  Between work and school he isn't usually around when he is awake.  It was so precious watching him play with him.

He had him belly laughing! :)

I was looking at the side of my refrigerator and I thought....."You might be a home schooler....." :)

Today was dedicated to working around the house!  We discovered that there are no businesses around us that rent pressure washers any more.  The kids worked hard scrubbing it down the old-fashioned way!  Marc and Matthew got the front porch painted today.  Still a long way to go but it was a start! :)

This goof ball stood on the roof and bent over scrubbing the fascia boards!  Scared me to death!

Madeline brought the goats out one at a time to worm them.  Machues had so much fun walking Magnolia ("Maggy")  around on a leash.

Malachi taking a break from picking up pecans.  Yep... it's that time of year again at Pecan Pastures!

I'm not sure if I will be on here again before Wednesday but that is a big court day for "Baby L".  We would appreciate anyone reading this to join us in praying that the Lord would "move mountains"!