Sunday, August 31, 2014


Matt shot a fox in the middle of the afternoon the other day.  He was eating figs off of one of our fig trees, but we knew he would soon discover our chickens!  We have lost so many chickens to fox in recent years!
 This was his first "official" day of college.  It probably would have been sadder if he hadn't done dual enrollment last year, but it was still kind of weird to see him drive away. :(

It has been so neat to listen to him come home every day and talk about his day.  Hearing how he perceives things out in the world, how he filters things through the Word of God and that he knows how to stand alone.  It is a blessing and makes the hard days of home schooling all worth it!

One day last week he called to ask me if I would meet him for lunch.  Is that not precious!?  A grown  college boy calling his mom to eat lunch with him!  I was sitting there in the middle of a lesson with Malachi and told him I would have to take a rain check.  We are on for this week though! :)
 Madeline is taking geometry and biology at Veritas Classical School this year.  It was a hard decision to make because we have always taught everything at home.  She only has to go on Tuesday mornings and all day Thursday.  Madeline does not struggle with standing alone and the academic part of it has been very good for her.  She is doing well (99 and 100 averages right now!) and has observed that even in a "Christian" environment there are things you have to deal with.  One day at lunch she ate at a table by herself to avoid the conversations taking place.

I am sharing all of this not because I want to brag (although I am a proud mama!) but to encourage you moms out there with younger home schooling families to keep on!  It will be WELL worth your sacrifice!  God is so full of mercy and grace to us!

We visited a church today that we have visited a few times in the past year.  The preacher came up to us and asked us if we could answer some questions objectively.  He began to ask lots of questions about home schooling because he was considering pulling his children out of public schools.  He talked alone with Matthew too.  Before we left he said,  "I never wanted to be one of those weird people that home school.  After meeting y'all if I can have kids like you I don't mind being weird."  I guess I took that as a compliment! :o)

We have been busy packing McKenzie's things getting ready to move them to the home that Daniel is  preparing for them.  He has been sanding and refinishing wood floors for the past week.

Mariah sat on her bed and said,  "I can't believe she is really leaving!" and then burst into tears.  I think the children missing each other is the saddest part for me.  We emptied out her hope chest and all ended up in tears.  There were so many special things from her late grandma.  We saw the high school graduation scrap book that she and "Gran" made together.  So many memories came flooding back.  My mom has been gone for over two years now but there will still be a huge void at the wedding.

                                          Lots of old friends..

We are finally getting things packed and organized.  We laughed at how much STUFF she has!  She has always known that she wanted to marry and have a family.  She spent much of her teen years preparing for that.  She is now reaping the blessing of having many special things for her home and also the skills to run her home.

She also has lots of recipes including a book that I surprised her with on her sixteenth birthday.  I got all of our family and friends to send recipes to put in it.  She has many in my mom's handwriting and even some that my mom gave her in her great-grandma's handwriting.  So special......

                                We're gettin' there!

Tomorrow just us girls are taking off for the day and spending it at a water park.  It will be nice to get away and not think about wedding or packing for the day!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family Time

Last month my sister and her children came down for a visit.  The kids always have so much fun visiting with their cousins!

We headed south and took a hot field trip to habitat's Global Village.  It is a neat place and makes you appreciate what you have!

McKenzie's last field trip with the family!  Matthew was working so he didn't get to go.  Getting older stinks! :o)

                                                          The "slums"

On the roof of one of the habitat houses from another country.

Then it was off to the famous Plains, Georgia- home of President Jimmy Carter! :o)

You can't go to Plains without stopping by to get some peanut butter ice cream!

                              I think they were worn out!

We did some antiquing while we were there.

My sister Monica (above) and Madeline tried out the antique hair dryer! :o)

The next day we left to go visit grandpa at his new retirement home.

We spent the day at a state park.

                                                Picnic time!

Carrington loves Macheus and he loves her too! :o)

                                                        Nature walk.

                                       Myles said he was preaching.


                               Went to the beach on the lake.

All of the boys ended up swimming in their clothes!

Madeline and Carrington- cousins and best friends!

Grandpa in front of his new home.

Summer is flying by! So much going on and fall will be here before we know it!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Beach...Final post

One afternoon and evening we drove over to Destin to see the sights.  It was very crowded but we had fun.

                                                       Feeding the fish.

                                                       It's Popeye! :o)

This was the cutest little man ever!  He was in his eighties and is part of a senior entertainment group.

They tapped to oldies and some patriotic music.

There was an airshow put on by the USAF.  That was really neat!

Train ride with the little guys and watching the planes!

This was a hurricane simulator.  :o)

There were tons more pictures, but I guess I won't post anymore!  I love that digital photography allows us to capture so much more than we could with film!  I remember vacations when McKenzie and Matthew were small.  I would always buy a couple of rolls of film and had to be careful that I didn't waste shots! :o)  That seems so foreign now!