Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stone Mountain

The summer after my mom died back in 2012 we took our first "girls only" trip to Stone Mountain.  Last year we went to the beach together.  This year we decided to go back to Stone Mountain again.

We loaded up and took off for a long weekend.  It was so much fun to get away and just enjoy my girls!
We hiked the mountain when we got there.  McKenzie hauled one of her babies (in utero!) and I carried Elizabeth! :)

                     She was a little angel the entire hike!


                                                        My girls.



We can't go to Stone Mountain without a picnic at the grist mill!  It is my favorite spot at Stone Mountain!

Hanging out on the bridge with her Mimi! :)

I loved this picture.  There are always SO many hands reaching for this little angel!

It was hot, but she was such a trooper!

Elizabeth waking up Aunt Maddy!

I love running at the park!  So much beauty to entertain you with!

The resort has a big pool that we enjoyed!

Hanging out at the Crossroads.

We thought the laser show was going to get rained out.  We were determined and headed to the mountain anyway!  It ended up being perfect! Didn't even get wet!

Such a relaxing time......

Elizabeth enjoyed swimming too!

Dancing on the porch!

McKenzie my hippie child. :) (She was just being goofy.)

Very thankful for this time to spend with my girls and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

summer fun

With graduations behind us I can finally somewhat relax and get into "summer mode".  We have enjoyed somewhat slower paced days. I'm still doing about two hours of school a day, but that beats all day! :)  We are finishing up some things and probably will take most of July completely off.

What is summer without swimming! :)  My boys would live in the water if they could!

Guess which one is bashful and which one thinks he's cool? :)

 The blueberry picking has begun!  Marc and the kids picked one evening and I went with a few of them today.  We are hoping to fill one of the freezers with blueberries, figs and peaches this summer!

I love the beautiful evening skies.....

~Until next time...

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Madeline's Graduation

Several weeks back we celebrated Madeline's graduation from high school.  Today we celebrated her graduation from Georgia Military College!

When she started college classes as a junior in high school (home schooled since kindergarten), I was a little worried about how she would do. I knew she was smart, but this girl has amazed us!

She had mostly A's and a few B's her entire time!  She was a part of the national honor society and graduated summa cum laude!  She has worked her tail off and it has paid off!

She has worked for the local newspaper as a journalist while in school.  Her passion is writing, and she plans to pursue journalism.

Little Elizabeth was so good during the ceremony.  She would get so excited and clap when everyone else did. :)

                                                       Very proud of her!

Marc is an alumni from GMC too!  Kind of neat for his kid to graduate from there now!
Elizabeth wasn't too sure of Aunt Maddy's hat. :)

We didn't take grandpa to the ceremony because of the treacherous stadium seating.  We went by and visited with him afterwards.  He is also a writer so he is pretty proud of Madeline!

Well, we are done with graduations for the year!  Matthew is set for school to start next fall and Madeline is still deciding between two schools.  Excited about what the Lord has in store for her!