Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Birthday, Matthew!!!

21 years.... Where have the years gone!?!  Matthew was born on a Sunday around lunchtime after a long, drawn out labor.  That evening I laid in my hospital bed "ringing in the new year", with my bundle of newborn sweetness and couldn't believe I had a baby boy!  I don't know why, but I just couldn't imagine having a boy!  He was such an easy baby, and has been nothing but a joy to raise.  The biggest "trouble" he has ever caused us is that he isn't the neatest guy in the world!  Hey.... I'll take it! :)

Watching Matthew go from that slightly awkward young teenage boy starting his first job at a local feed and seed store, to a very capable young man has been so neat to see.  He now works two jobs and goes to school full time.  He will finish his first degree this spring and hopes to start working as an aircraft mechanic at the local air force base.  He will continue on to pursue a degree in Aviation Management.  Not sure what that is exactly, except his professors have told him he needs to strive to be the "boss" in his field. :) I am very excited to see what the Lord has in store for him!  He has been a light in some very spiritually dark places.  He has never waivered in his faith, and is always willing to stand alone.  What I have loved even more is that he has concern for a lost and dying world around him.  He has a more reserved personality, but doesn't hesitate to share his faith and is often putting gospel tracts around town or school.
My prayer for Matthew as he embarks on the adult world is that he will always stand strong and be willing to be different!
"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong." 1 Corinthians 16:13

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas with Family

Christmas Eve McKenzie, Daniel and Elizabeth came over.  My dad spent the day and evening with us too!  The kids all did their exchanging of gifts.  It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  They all put so much thought into their presents for each other.

                                      Madeline and Matthew being goofy. :)

We ate pizza, a big healthy salad! and lots of sweets that the girls were busy making all day.  We made ambrosia, several kinds of Christmas cookies and key lime pies!

The two "littles" pooped out of the party!
When everyone had gone home or had gone to bed, I finally got the stockings filled!  I remember my mom spending so much time filling stockings for all of the grandchildren.  She had so much fun doing it.  I told McKenzie once she had children I wasn't filling one for her or Daniel anymore.  Well.... as Christmas approached, I just couldn't NOT do stockings for them! 
Our kids got up and opened their stockings early.

Madeline didn't like that Marc and I didn't have stockings filled, so she did them.  She is always such a thoughtful girl and loves the "extras'! :)

We finished up with stockings and then the kids got their chores done.  We were waiting for Daniel and McKenzie to have Christmas with Elizabeth at home, and then they were going to pick up grandpa and come back over.

Mimi filled Elizabeth's first stocking!  I had so much fun getting little hair bows, headbands, baby toothbrushes and my favorite board books!

Winnie The Pooh!  My absolute favorite early childhood book to read aloud to my little ones.  I remember the year that Mariah got hers for Christmas!  Let the reading begin!!!

I found the coolest sewing kits for these two.  I got a quilt kit for McKenzie and a pillow kit for Mariah.  The fabric was beautiful!  Can't wait to see their projects!

He wanted a remote control helicopter.  I think everyone has had fun with this!

His favorite present this year was probably his gun holster.  Turning 21 means getting your carrying permit!

Every year the littlest ones have that one present that is their favorite.  Once they open it, they would be content to be finished! :)

They are truly adults now!  An Instant Pot for Christmas! :)  (They did get some fun stuff too though.)

Sweet Lil'  Lizzy opening up her presents!  She was more interested in watching everyone around her.

The weather was amazing Christmas day!  We wore shorts!  Some of us went out for a run!

After we had opened presents just us girls took off and went to McKenzie and Daniel's land that they will start building on soon!  We romped and looked at the creek that runs through their property.

I love these girls!

Well, that was a peek into our Christmas!  It was lots of fun and good memories were made.  I'm always a little sad when it is over thinking of another one of my kids' Christmases is over, but relieved at the same time.  The busyness of the season gets tiring after a while!

~Until next time....

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Season

Another Christmas season has come and gone.  Each year I strive to be less "busy" doing things I don't want to do, and focus on the most important parts of the season.  While it wasn't as perfect as I had hoped... I do have some sweet memories from this month!

 I start the Christmas season off each year with Black Friday shopping with all of my girls.  It isn't so much about buying stuff and getting great deals as it is just a fun day together!   I also take each child out Christmas shopping by themselves.  Matthew actually drove me this year! :)

Madeline is always so good about doing the "extras" with the boys. I'm at a stage in my life right now that I don't always have time to do those things. I love that she is always willing to do them!  She made a whole wheat ginger bread man for them to decorate!

They had fun decorating and eating!

 Marc and I took the boys out one evening and we went to Bass Pro to see Santa!


Macheus was so nervous about seeing him, but no tears!

We have never told our kids that Santa comes to our house.  We tell them the story of St. Nick and that the idea of Santa Claus came from that.  I've never thought there was anything "evil" about letting a child go have their picture taken with the "big fat man in the red suit"! :)  Even our three year old can tell you the true meaning of Christmas! :)

This Santa was so sweet!  He talked to each one of the boys and told them he loved them.  Myles turned around and told him he loved him too.  So sweet....

They have tons of free activities for the kids!  It was a full evening for sure!


I know the years of Malachi wanting to do all of this are coming to an end.  :(

Marc spent one day taking treats around town with the kids.

They met a World War 2 Veteran and an old missionary!  Kind of sobering to think of two people that probably sacrificed so much and now sitting in a nursing home. :(

 Myles' night out to eat and Christmas shopping with me was full of laughter!

His choice for dinner?  Chick- fil -A of course!

I took him to look at lights on the way home.  There is a huge display in our small town and it has the music synchronized to the lights.  He had the window down and then decided we should ride home with  them down and Christmas music playing!  I had the heat pouring out on me! :)

I have had many nativity sets over the years!  I have always let my kids play with them, so I have multiple pieces that they set up.  Myles had so much fun over Christmas playing with them.

Well, by biggest "boy" is home from work. I think that will be it for this post!  I will post the rest of my Christmas pictures next time!  Headed to bed!