Friday, July 24, 2015

4th of July

What is the 4th of July without a small town parade!?  We live in the country, but when we go to "town" it is an adorable little town we affectionately call "Mayberry".

                                         I love our little town!

Anxiously waiting on the parade to start.

The man on the far end is the retired marine that gave the speech at Matthew's Eagle Scout ceremony.

The town got a new fire engine!  Not sure how I like the maroon. It just doesn't seem right for a fire engine not to be "fire engine red". :o)

Thanks to his brother-in-law he discovered that he could take the wrappers off the candy and EAT it!

Summer in the south requires lots of time spent in WATER!

                                                                 No FeAr!




  We sure are enjoying McKenzie being close enough to do things with us!

The 4th of July weekend we went to a party at our old pastor's home.  There were a lot of old friends that we dearly love there and it was great getting to see some of them!

                                                              Ice Cream!

                            Macheus was quite fond of this little flag.



A very special lady.  One of McKenzie's dearest friends.


Marc with our old friend/pastor.  This man has meant a lot to our entire family.  Thankful for so many teachings we learned under him.

                                                      A little boy and dirt.

The guys played hard!

                                           The newlyweds. :o)


Friday, July 17, 2015


Myles Truth accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior earlier this evening. Marc was putting the boys to bed and was doing their normal bedtime routine of stories and Bible reading. Myles started asking lots of questions and then asked if he could be a Christian. It has always been our prayer that the Lord would save our children at a young age, but we also didn't want to push them before it was a genuine heart change. Tonight was an answer to many prayers! "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him" Psalm 34:8

Thursday, July 16, 2015

St. Simons Island

We just got back from a family trip to the beach, and I realized when I was uploading pictures that I never posted pictures from a trip we took in May!  I love being able to go back and reminisce on my blog!
Marc had a business trip the end of May and asked if I wanted to go with him.  With the dairy goats in full swing I knew we couldn't all go.  We decided that we would take Mariah, Malachi and of course Macheus.  The week before our trip Malachi had an injury and was in a splint so that changed our plans.  Myles got to go instead! :o) 
We got a late start leaving because Marc had some things to wrap up at work.  As we were loading up to leave there was a really bad rain storm and it rained on us almost the entire way!  It was a miserable ride, and while we were traveling Madeline called to let us know that half of her new laying hens (they were still young) died in the rain.  When we finally reached our condo it was dark and the rain had stopped.  It was so beautiful and peaceful listening to the ocean.  It was worth the drive just to get to get away for a few days!
This was our little home away from home.  It was perfect and it even had a washer and dryer!  That is one of my "must haves" when we travel! :o)

 While Marc went to training, we hit the beach!  My two youngest boys have never feared the water.  While it is fun to watch them it is a bit unnerving at times!

St. Simons is such a beautiful island!  We saw a handful of retirees on the beach and that was it!

                                                                  My little fish!

We went to see Christ Church which is the second oldest church in the country.  I think it dates back to the early 1800's, but even before that in the 1700's is when John and Charles Westley preached in that spot.  It is beautiful and I love teaching the kids history.  This past school year was Mariah's Georgia History year, so this went right along with that!

This pictures will always make me laugh.  Anyone that knows my sweet husband knows that he goes at everything 100%!  We were all ready to eat but he was determined we were going to go on a hike first.  Mariah and I were starving by the time we finished, but we joked the whole time that he was forcing us to have "fun"! :o)

                                              The Sound of Music! :o)

Breakfast at the beach.... maybe the banana balanced out the donuts!

Mariah is our "morning milker", so this was a real treat for her to have lazy mornings!

The little boys enjoyed watching brainless cartoons that we never watch at home!

Eating at Iguanas!  One of our favorite restaurants on the island!

A trip to St. Simons always includes a trip to the "Beach Bum" for shell necklaces!

                                                              NO Fear!

He loves his big sisters!

So beautiful and peaceful......

I already told Marc I want to stay here again next May!

These two are such a mess!

Mariah found at least a dozen conch shells.

He liked the water fountain as much as he liked the pool!

There are tons of huge, old trees on the island!

                                             Great climbing trees!

We have been going to this area for years.  So many memories here!  The year I was pregnant with Malachi I climbed to the top of this lighthouse carrying Mariah!

  Mariah hates having her picture taken almost as much as me.  She saw me with my camera up and crossed her eyes. :o)

This is a huge stone whale.  He worked and worked and finally conquered climbing to the top.  Myles is a determined child!

I am always thankful for time away with my family (or part of them anyway!)  Memories that we will always treasure.....