Friday, June 17, 2016

A field trip

I am so behind on this little blog of mine.  I used to do so much better at least hitting the highlights of our happenings.  Now..... life happens way faster than I could ever keep up with.
We decided we wanted to try to do some fun field trips this summer.  It is hard (at least for me) to incorporate field trips into my school year.  I'm always busy trying to get our school work done on top of the other demands of life.  Anyway, we recently took an afternoon and went to Andersonville's National Prisoner of War Camp.

I love our area of the state.  There is so much beautiful farm land. 

My "little" family.  Still strange sometimes doing things without my oldest two.  They grow up on you fast!  I wouldn't want it any other way, but it is still sad. :(

 He couldn't sit still through one of the documentaries that we watched so I let him walk around.  A group of soldiers came in to tour the museum and he was in awe.

 This was before I booted Mac out! :)


The boys thought the cannons were pretty cool!

 It was a warm day, but not as hot as it has been this week!

I told him to smile and he told me he was posing like a prisoner.

Myles..... always smiling. :)

Macheus.... always busy!

  Madeline-  Soaking up this time with her! Once school starts back this fall, she will be swamped!

A view of the camp.  Kind of sobering.

 The cemetary

Stopping for a watermelon break!

Love these kiddos so much!




                                                Myles (This kid can put away some watermelon!)

Macheus-  Obviously enjoying his!


 And.....When you are a little boy, you always dress up the part of whatever you have read/studied about!

Well, so much going on in my life right now. I have saved a bunch of pictures to the computer.  Maybe I will post again soon!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Girls' Trip

 McKenzie and I started cooking up a "girls trip" several months ago.  I wondered if we would ever make it happen because the spring was so packed. We knew we had to get it done before time for her baby!  We finally carved out a few nights away and took off!

We really didn't know how to act without the boys! :o)  We ate what we wanted, slept when we wanted, and laid out on the beach without anyone calling our names!

                                                     Mariah the midget. :o)

There is no order to my pictures. I literally just uploaded them onto my blog so I would have them stored on here. :o)  I still haven't gotten the pictures off the real camera.

We went to Savannah and ate at Paula Dean's restaurant. It was fun, but we all decided we can cook just as good at home.

                                                    The water was beautiful.

Enjoyed reading by the pool.  (Something we don't do when we have the boys with us!)

Savannah has so many beautiful trees.

We used to go to Tybee when our oldest three were babies.  McKenzie's very first beach trip was to Tybee the summer she turned one.  We have lots of pictures of them posed with this anchor.

Morning walk on the pier.

We actually left the candy store on River Street without buying anything!

Such a lovely picture. :o)

                                                    On the river.

They felt sorry for the horses that had to pull carriages all day.

                                 Beautiful pregnant McKenzie. 8 months

                                                             Being goofy.

This picture of Mariah reminds me so much of my mom's young pictures.

She had just looked up her Anatomy & Physiology grade and was excited that she had gotten an "A"!

                                              Posing with Paula!

My kids talked about how we used to take taffy home to grandma.

McKenzie and her "mini".

                                                   Girls getting ready to go out.

                                           Me and my "mini".

 Our view from our pool.

The hotel had two pools.... one with a bar and loud music and one without.  Guess which one we hung out at?  We practically had it to ourselves the entire trip.

                                             Love my girls!

                                                     My sugar addict.  (She takes after her mama!)


It was so much fun and we were all a little blue when it was over.  We are already talking about the next girls trip and taking the baby with us! :o)