Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas 2018

Time just marches on and Christmas 2018 is now history.

Our month was pretty crazy with lots of things going on.  We decided to pull away on the 23rd and take the kids to dinner and to see Mary Poppins.  We rarely get to go to a movie so this was a treat!

 Afterwards we went to look at lights.  We founds some really great displays right here in our little town!

Christmas Eve we hung out at our house and had pizza.  The kids did their sibling swap which is always sweet to watch.

Macheus was quite pleased with his own set of cars!

They are always so proud of what they have picked out.

                                                        No wrapping for him! :)

When everyone went home/or to bed I gathered the stockings and got them filled.  Seven stockings for the seven kids at home and two for grandbabies.  Thinking of our growing family..... I may have to scale back a bit! :)
Christmas morning the kids have always gathered to have a picture and Marc videos them coming down for stockings.  Matthew humored me and came from next door to get in the picture!

                                                       Stockings are fun to fill!

His stocking is always funny.  He gets necessities like toothpaste, hair gel, and other personal items that he hates spending money on.  #adulting


The "G" crew had Christmas morning at home with their babies and then came over around lunchtime for brunch.

My goofy oldest child.  She has always been the life of the party!

We bought two of the boys these rubber band guns with targets and the adults enjoyed them as much as the kids did!

A new sleeping bag for their campouts!

 A new winter coat!  The boys are terrible about leaving coats outside in the woods.  He started his fall without one and we didn't replace it.  I think he will now appreciate it and hopefully take better care of it!

The girls being goofy in the new tub that we just got.  (I will blog about that soon!  What a project!)


Boots! My four oldest all got new boots!

Sweet little  Elizabeth <3 p="">

These were a last minute find for me and they loved them the best!

I think Marc was worn out.


Elliott crammed his organic gummies in his mouth as hard as he could.

A new sandbox for the grandbabies!

                                                       yep... still sleeping....

                                                      And more boots...…

These goofballs wanted to take an "awkward family photo".  The funniest pictures were the ones of McKenzie with her paint stick whacking them all in order!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!