Tuesday, October 31, 2017

a not so little project...

 A couple of weeks ago Marc decided to go on a spontaneous camping trip with the boys.  I decided to do a spontaneous project in the kitchen! Ha... it ended up being a little bit bigger of a project than I had anticipated! :)

When we remodeled the kitchen (about four years ago) we put in granite countertops, a stone backsplash and repainted the cabinets white.  It is just impossible to keep white cabinets clean. I had the girls on rotating schedules of scrubbing them down but it just wasn't working.  I knew I couldn't do dark on top and bottom because of the black granite.  I decided on gray for the bottom and painted the top  white again.  I am very happy with the results!  The gray was super easy. We had oil based paint on them and I didn't want to have to sand or strip.  Lowes sells a new primer that will stick to ANY surface!  It was amazing!  I put a coat on everything and then used a cabinet paint that they sell.  It was very expensive but I think it will be worth it. I've already had to scrub a splash of green smoothie from a vitamix explosion and it cleans really well.  The top cabinets for whatever reason were really hard to cover.  We ( well, Marc ended up doing the top for me! I only finished the bottom the weekend they were gone.) ended up having to do a good two and in some places three coats.  I am very happy with the results and I think the gray on the bottom is going to stay nicer a lot easier than the white!

I don't think I ever posted our bathroom remodel.  We have remodeled two out of three of our bathrooms and plan to gut the master bath soon!  There is always a project!
~Until next time....

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A day in the life...

Just some random pictures on my phone from the boys' check ups last month. :)

It is easier for me to schedule all three of them to go every September!

I love our pediatrician but his practice is so big!  We didn't have to wait too long this visit.  Thank goodness once a year is usually all we have to go!

They are entertained with the walls for about five minutes.  Then it is up to me to entertain them!

They were all at the top of the charts for height and a smidgen lower in weight.  Thankful for healthy kiddos!

The worst part is was the lab!  Finger pricks and tee teeing in a cup!  Fun times!

Always thankful when that and dental cleanings are done!  We all had our teeth cleaned last month too! :)

Headed to bed!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gerogia National Fair 2017

Here are a few pictures from our days at the fair.  It is in town for eleven days.  We went one day as a family with the six kids at home.  Madeline and Mariah took their grandpa one day and we all went with McKenzie and her babies one day.  It was unseasonably warm that week, so not the most pleasant fair experience but we had fun!

They didn't upload in the right order, but one of the nights Marc took the kids on this huge Ferris wheel.

Free chocolate milk and a milking demonstration  in the cow barn is always a favorite!

  Bless her heart... out of all of my children I hated that Madeline got picked to participate in the reptile show.  She was a much better sport than I would've been!

Cotton.... it is growing all around us right now.  We will soon be watching the farmers across the street harvest it.

 My "Georgia grown" boy!

Soap carving contest! No winners in our family this year. :)

Mac with "Fair bear".

We were walking by one of the concert stages.  The music was so loud that little Elliott poked his lip out. As soon as I put the blanket around his head he grinned.

Free goat milk ice cream in the goat barn!

                                                             lunch break

Riding some kiddie rides with Mac.

Madeline and Mariah entered sewing, crocheting and canning.  They won many ribbons!

                                                The crew!

Marc at the end of the day watching the fireworks.

Madeline entered this blanket that she made for Elliott.

Mariah next to her first place and "best of show" ribbons!

Just because.....  :)

Milking.... cause we don't have enough of that at home!

Thomas the Train booth is always a favorite!

                                                        cow eyes

Watching the African acrobats.

"The pigs stink!"

                                         Roller coaster time....

Goats.... again, because he doesn't see enough of them at home! :)

Mariah got a first place on this beautiful pillow!  I wish my mom was here to see!

Mac was just sure that this was Wilbur!

He loves the animals!

They had more fun climbing on tractors than they did riding the rides.

Pops showing Elizabeth the animals!

McKenzie and her mini Mariah.

Trying to cool off!  October, really!?!

Pops giving Elizabeth her first taste of chocolate milk.

Aunt "Nana" (as E calls her) took Elizabeth on some rides!

                             Taking a break in the Georgia Grown building.

Train ride with the littles!

Well, that was just a few pictures from fair 2017!
~Until next time.....