Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend ramblings...

It has been a busy week.  I am sitting here waiting on the steamer to make more scuppernong juice for jelly making.  We have been very busy with canning lately!  I'll post some pictures soon.  Thank goodness my girls know how to do it too, so that helps!  McKenzie has even come down for some canning fun! :o)

We have had a lot of rain this summer.  So strange for it to be green and fairly mild in August.  I'll take it!

One day we had a downpour and before I knew it the boys were out playing in it and were drenched.

The rain wasn't so bad, but it didn't take them long to gravitate to the mud!

There has been so much negative in the news lately.  If you are on Facebook you probably have been bombarded with it too.  Since school has started back I have limited my time on it (realize what a waste of time it is!), but I have been reading some of the Planned Parenthood stuff and the latest Ashley Madison scandal.  Of course, being in the homeschooling realm the news of Josh Duggar was very upsetting.  Like most people, I was shocked and disgusted.  I have read articles and posts about it, some good and some not so much.  What has bothered me the most are the Christian adults that pass judgment on his parents as if they somehow failed as  parents.  That's a scary place to be, to think that your parenting is somehow superior and your children won't ever fail.  Lord have mercy on me and my children!  I pray we never have to deal with sexual sin.  The sad thing is that Josh Duggar (or any other of the millions of "Christian" men that have committed adultery) will bear the consequences the rest of their lives ." Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body." 1 Corinthians 6:18

I hope he gets the help that he needs and that the Lord works a miracle in his marriage and family.  I was talking to my dad ( who will soon turn 90!) about it the other night. I told him how people were criticizing his parents just as much as they were Josh.  His response was, "That is sad.  Christians can be some of the cruelest people to their own."  I thought that was insightful coming from someone his age that spent his entire career in the ministry.

Well, it is now Sunday night and I didn't finish this post yesterday like I had planned.  Yesterday was completely filled with canning and laundry, and more canning and more laundry.......
This morning we went to church and I came home and crashed with Macheus.  I don't nap often, but once in a while it sure is nice!  Matthew took the girls to see "War Room" this afternoon.  Marc and I went Friday night with McKenzie and Daniel.  It is well worth the money to go!

Tomorrow will be the start of another busy week!  Mondays are piano day so we get going early.  I don't do my shopping on Mondays anymore.  It is just too hard dragging the boys through the stores.  I usually end up forgetting stuff, and they have much more fun going to the park during that time!

As you can see in these next pictures they didn't last long until they hit the mud!  They were covered by the time I finally made them come in.  They say dirt builds the immune system.  Theirs should be like a freight train! :o)

Oh, this little boy is such a mess!  Even when the weather is dry he manages to get filthy just about every day.  His thing lately is to go play in the chicken house.  It is so disgusting!  The chickens free range during the day so he uses the house as his playhouse I guess! :o)

Malachi has matured a lot in the past year. He doesn't get into shenanigans with Myles all the time, but once in a while he still likes to get in on it!
Well, I am tired and I need to get to bed.  If I don't go ahead and hit publish, this post will sit in my drafts for a week!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer's Last hurrah...

Even though summer is not over, it always seems like it ends when school starts back.  I hate that!  Before the kids' college classes started and we got our home schooling geared back up we took off for some fun at Stone Mountain!  I have gone many times in the past few years with either the girls or just me and Marc, but it had been a long time since the boys had been.
Of course, first on the list was the hike up the mountain!  It was a challenge with Macheus on my back, but when it comes to a tough workout.... I'm a glutton for punishment! :)

                                             Marc and Matt at the top.

All of us made it to the top!  Myles was a real trooper! 

The park was pretty crowded but we found a good place to picnic and let the boys play.

                                                    He loves his "Bubba"!

I don't think he wanted his picture taken. :o)

I love this carving!  I hope they never cave to the ridiculous pressure to remove it!

We ended the day with the laser show.  The show was pretty good this year.  The crowd was rough!  I've never seen so many people packed into one area!

Until next time~

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A family heritage

One day this summer we took a day trip to the cemetery where my dad's grandparents are buried. 
My great-grandfather was a buggy maker. The town is known for its history in buggy making and they have a buggy festival every year.
Kind of neat to see the church where they attended.  My dad said he guessed that his father went here growing up.
Madeline is our writer and she likes to keep notes on family history.

Myles found some artificial flowers and was "planting" a garden. :o)

Sweet to see my dad standing next to his grandpa's grave.  He has lived longer than all of his family, my mom and her family, and most of his friends. I often think about how lonely that must seem sometimes.  There is just something comforting to have someone that shares a history with you.

It was really neat reading this sign that talked about the history of the church which was founded by the Pilgrims!

Standing with my dad and my oldest sister.  She recently joined and has really become fascinated with our family history.

Six of his sixteen grandchildren.

Later that day we headed back to our house and the girls saddled up the horses.

Cooking hotdogs on the fire pit.

                                                        Malachi and Grandpa

He loves his family!

"Your offspring shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south, and in you and your offspring shall all the families of the earth be blessed". Genesis 24:18
Until next time~

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday night ramblings....

It's been a while since I have been on here.  Life is incredibly busy and I keep waiting for it to slow down.  This evening as I pulled out of our driveway with the girls for hair appointments, I made a comment that I didn't know what I was doing wrong!

We started back with home schooling two weeks ago.  Malachi has really turned the corner and that is a huge blessing and relief!  His schooling took so much of my time last year, and I didn't see how I could handle another year like that.  Macheus is a very active two year old now!  It seems while I clean up one mess he is off making another one.  As I write this post we have a toilet that is sluggish because of something he has flushed down.  We aren't sure what it is, but it probably means Marc will be taking the toilet up again to fix it!
 The week that school started our desk top officially "bit the dust"!  Thankfully, we had a couple of laptops that the kids could use to get their school work done.  Mariah is doing Teaching Textbooks this year and needs a computer for that.  Matthew's college classes start back next week and he will be taking two classes on campus and two at home online.  Madeline started her college courses and all of hers are online.  We NEED our computers to work!  Last weekend we bought a new desktop, so all is well in that department.  Now if I can just find the time to get my stuff off my old one so I can cut the cords and pitch it!  Our office/classroom is a mess.  When things are a mess, I don't function well!

Madeline's college......  Madeline is a very bright girl and also very driven.  Last year we put her at Veritas Classical Schools for Biology and Geometry.  She got straight A's both semesters but was miserable.  We knew we didn't want to send her back there this year but I felt like she needed more than I was giving her at home.  Marc suggested having her tested to see if she could hang with college courses.  I was a little hesitant since she was just finishing 10th grade.  Marc took her to Georgia Military College (which is the same school he got his associates degree from!) and she blew the test out of the water!  They got her enrolled, but I had one question for the advisor.  I asked her if she thought Madeline should wait on college algebra since she hasn't taken Algebra 2 yet.  Her response was,  "Her test scores prove that she is ready."    The program she is signed up with maps out her schooling for her Junior and Senior years in high school and when she graduates she will be one quarter shy of having her associates degree.  She is doing very well in English and Psychology (besides it being chock-full of garbage!), but man.... Algebra is killing ME!  Bless her heart........ she is such a perfectionist that she has shed many tears over it.  We have told her it wasn't the end of the world and to just do the best she can.  We will all be glad when this quarter is over!

What one of my days looked like this week..... and this is a pretty "typical" day.  Up early usually greeted by one (or both) of my youngest fellows.  Macheus wants his "muk" (milk) the minute he gets up! :o)  Once I get them settled at the table I mop the wood floors. (Yes, I mop over them quickly every morning.  I am always barefoot and I can't stand walking on grit!)  I make my bed and start a load of laundry.  At this point if everyone is on their morning chores I dart out the door for my daily run.  I usually run 9-11 miles depending on the day.  It is my sanity, and I am a much nicer person when I can get it done early! :o)    I get back and get the two little boys busy with something quiet. (Well, they are never quiet, but at least corralled in the playroom!)  Malachi works on some things that he can do independently while I jump in the shower. Once I get out it is time for Saxon Math!  Oh how I hate the Math Meetings!  Malachi told me the other day that he loved doing the math lessons with me.  Bless him!!!  He is pretty good at math so it isn't too painful!  Mac eats his lunch early and goes down for a nap by noon.  He is not my best napper, so we are thrilled if he sleeps an hour and a half.  During that time I try to help Mariah and get some of her grading done.  I also work with Myles for about thirty minutes in the afternoon.  I am not a huge proponent of structured kindergarten.  Matthew was a kindergarten drop-out and he is doing just fine now! :o)  The afternoon is usually busy with finishing up laundry, getting supper started and letting the boys play outside.  The days are so busy!  This is just a tiny part of what we do.  There have been dental and orthodontist appointments, trips to piano, grocery store, library, phone calls, pest control man, babysitting for a three year old! (yes, I like self torture!), and on and on it goes...........  I know everyone is busy doing "something", but there is nothing I can eliminate! :o)  Oh.......... and just some other "distractions" that happen often around here.  Horses getting in the garden or busting out of their pasture.  Goats jumping fences.  Missing 5 year olds!  Myles has decided his favorite thing to do this week is disappearing and hiding in the chicken coop with the dog.  He comes out black with....... well, you know... mud and chicken poop!  Nothing makes my heart sink like wondering where he is.  He is our "lone ranger".  I do look forward to the day that he has a little more sense! :o)

We are doing "Get Ready For The Code" and other workbook type schooling with Myles.  Mostly he just plays.  Isn't that what kindergarten used to be anyway?  Crazy how they push kids so hard these days.  No wonder so many of them hate school before they even get started good!

Well, I guess I have griped enough.  It just felt good to tap all of this out on my keyboard!  I really am grateful that I have my children home with me and that I am able to home school.  I had a young woman tell me the other day (via Facebook... amazing how bold people can be behind their computer screens!)  that not everyone has the "luxury" to home school.  As I am drowning in school work to grade, breaking up arguments, cleaning up spills, trying to fix a decent meal, packing lunches, doing fifteen-eighteen loads of laundry a week, and wiping poopy rears I just have to laugh at how "luxurious" my life is.  I have a friend that "threw in the towel" with home schooling this year.  She is a "mom of many" that has always home schooled.  Honestly, I was quite shocked when she told me they were all going to public school this year.  As she stood in my kitchen trying to choke back the tears I really couldn't stand in judgment of her though.  I understand how hard it is!  I understand there are days that you feel like you are doing more harm than good.  I understand there are times you feel like your children hate you (and sometimes you might not like them either!)  I understand there are times that sitting down to eat, taking a (peaceful) shower, or even going to the bathroom without an interruption doesn't happen!  I do know that there is tremendous blessing when you persevere through the tough days.

I know a lot of people picture home schoolers laying around in their pajamas reading "Little House On The Prairie", or laying on a blanket under the trees doing our school work.  While there are wonderful days like that sometimes..... there are a lot of HARD days too!

There are so many things that I would miss if I weren't with them every day.  Even on the hard days I pray I never lose heart!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9
*Disclaimer:  It is 1:00 A.M. and I am not proofreading any of this.  No judging! :o)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beach 2015

We recently got to spend some time at the beach with our entire family!  Even McKenzie and Daniel got to go!  It was a fun trip and we made some sweet memories.

It is tradition to stop and picnic on our trip down.

Matt's soda seemed so much better than Mac's juice box! :o)

Matthew sure does love this little fellow and Macheus loves his "Bubba".   It is so sweet to watch him play with him!  Macheus has many nicknames one of which is "Baby K".  Matthew has nicknamed him "K-rot"  He jokes that he is rotten, but he is the guiltiest one for spoiling him!

Matthew wanted to see how many he could reach around. :o)

Finally crashed after lunch!


Jekyll is such a beautiful island!  We have gone there every summer for ten years!  It isn't our favorite as far as the ocean goes (we love the gulf!), but the island has been kept very natural and it is such a peaceful place to go.

The crew that remains at home. :o)



                                                       Busy boys..........



                                      Sweet  "Baby K". :o)

                                                 Love my girls............

The annual line-up picture.  Added one to it this year!

Always hard to get the little ones to stay still!

He has been a little fish this summer!

Myles spent hours playing with this little tugboat.

We take a picture on a bench at Jekyll every summer!  Gettin' crowded!

The family.  I sure do love these people!


Me and my man. :o)

McKenzie and Daniel on their first vacation (besides their honeymoon!)

So thankful for Daniel.  He has been such a perfect addition for our family!

Such beauty....  (yes, the girls above and the beach below!)

I can't imagine life without these two!  They are loud, busy and SO much fun!

My girl that looks the most like me. :o)

Well, this was a few of the many pictures that we took.  We also ran in a beach run that we do every summer.  It was fun (well, if you call running in Georgia heat fun!) and we came home with some first place plaques!  I think the pictures must have been on one of our phones.  I'll save them for another post.  It is late and we start school tomorrow!