Friday, April 24, 2020

Dusting off the blog...

Gosh... life has been happening.  I will sometimes think about writing on here, but the words just haven't come.  I really like blogging so much better than social media... I love going back and reading old posts.  Maybe I will get back on here and be more consistent! :)  

April 14th brought this little angel's 2nd birthday!  How is it that "Baby L" (as some of you "old readers" probably remember him being called) is already two!?!   He has brought  more joy to our home than I ever dreamed!  When we started our fostering journey... I had ideas in my mind of what it would "look" like.  Never did I dare to dream we would get a beautiful baby boy!  He has taught us SO much.… he has blessed us way more than we could ever bless him!

April 17th was the anniversary of the day we got the call asking if we could go pick up a baby from the hospital.  I had no idea if it was a boy or girl.... what race he was... no details of the story except that his mother had tested positive for meth.  Oh the emotions that I felt that day.  Sadness.... excitement....fear.... so many unknowns.  His story is one that I won't tell all of the details.  It is his story to tell one day.... if he chooses.  I do hope one day he will choose to share it.  It is one of so many twists and turns... so many times that God protected him!  He truly is a miracle!


We still have our foster placement that we got back in September.  She is another little miracle and blessing! She has come an incredibly long way since fall! I will write more about her later.

We have had a beautiful spring.... in spite of the crazy pandemic that has rocked the world... we have enjoyed lots of outside time!  Praying things settle down soon.  I have lots of thoughts on what all is going on.  Maybe another day. :)  I am headed to bed.

~ Good night

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