Friday, February 21, 2020

Winter days...

 It has been a long, dreary, hard winter.  Not so much because we have had harsh cold days,,,, it has just been extremely wet and dreary.

I recently ordered some non-toxic candles from Antique Candle Co.  (I scored free shipping and bought everything off of the clearance sale!)  I love the warm glow on these dreary days!

I took all of our Valentine decorations down and hated how dreary things looked.  It is still too early/wintery for spring things, but I did pull out a few Easter decorations!  I left the really springy things in the attic until March!
The cool bench is a church bench that our family sat on every Sunday in one of our old churches.  They recently built a new church and asked if we wanted it!

Our foster placement is still here,,,, and we are praying hard that she won't be going anywhere!  It has been physically and emotionally hard!  She has come such a long way though and we are grateful!  I will blog more about that on another day.  It is a school day.... and I need to get busy!

~Until next time.....

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