Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Anniversary Trip

We celebrated our anniversary in June and Marc wanted to get away for a week.  Our older children are all busy with work and the two oldest were taking summer classes this year.  Our foster baby is extremely demanding because of feeding issues, so we didn't think it was wise to leave a busy two year old at home.

It ended up being perfect!  Our place was right on the beach and had plenty of room for Matthias to go to bed at night and allow us to stay  up late.  We watched a lot of HGTV! :) 

It was so relaxing.  We walked the beach, hung out at the beautiful pool, ate dinner on the water multiple times at different restaurants. 

We rented bikes for the day and rode all over the island.  Matthias slept through part of it in his little seat.

Life has been so busy and so hard lately that it was a much needed get away!  Our fostering journey has been a tough one this past year, and then things with my dad have been hard this spring.  We had just moved him to be close to other relatives last fall, but through a series of events we had no choice but to bring him back.  After a tremendous amount of stress... this was perfect!

I love this man so much!

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