Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Winter Wonderland Southern Style

We had our "snow"........... now ready for spring!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Feeding Macheus

None of my babies have been early eaters.  I don't usually even try until they are over six months old, have at least one tooth (I read something about teeth being a prerequisite to digestion), and they are sitting up well.  A few of my babies picked right up with eating solids and would eat most anything, and the others not so much!  Macheus falls into the latter category. :o)
He sat up really early but was a little later cutting teeth.  Because he had such a difficult time teething, I held off introducing solids until he was a little older.  I guess the first time I tried to feed him something was about 9 months.

Not only does he not enjoy eating, he has an aversion to it!  If I push him at all, he usually cries and ends up vomiting! 

Of course, he still nurses well! :o)  I have tried waiting until he was hungry, I have tried offering after he has nursed, I have tried morning, noon and night.  The kid just doesn't want to eat!

Mariah was a lot like this except I don't remember her gagging like he does.

We have tried baby food and table food.  We have tired lots of different textures.  We have tried bland food and food with flavor.

I gave him this little bowl to see if he would eat any of it on his own.  (It was chili and then I tried putting a little bit of baby food carrots in it.  He wouldn't eat it either way.)

The food on his face is from when I tried to feed him a bite and he would jerk his head around and make a big mess.  I don't enjoy feeding babies! :o)

Not only did he not want to eat it, he almost had a disgusted look on his face! haha

Watching his brother playing outside.  (Probably wishing he could go out too!)

I know he won't nurse forever and eventually he WILL eat something else.

As I was typing this post I looked down at him on the floor beside me.  He was eating an eraser!  Go figure!

Nothing lasts forever........

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Evening Ramblings

It is cold.  Sunday and Monday were so pleasant but Tuesday it turned cold and it has been miserable.  I am NOT a cold weather person.  I do not like to wrap up and be cozy in the winter time.  I would much rather be moving around outside doing things! :o)
McKenzie tried to snap some pictures of Macheus for me the other day.  "Buddy" (our lab) always has to get in on whatever is going on.
 It doesn't show as much in these pictures, but Macheus belly laughs when the dog comes near him.  Buddy is so gentle with the kids.

 When Buddy was a puppy he started killing our chickens.  We knew either he had to be trained to quit (which goes against their nature) or he would have to go. Matthew worked hard training him and it paid off.  He is a great dog now and will just walk among the chickens and not bother them.
The other day Marc found Buddy chewing the carcass of a chicken and he scolded him.  The kids kept saying they didn't think Buddy killed it.  That night when one of the kids went outside a little after dark they saw a large bobcat!  We had a bobcat several years ago that almost destroyed our entire flock!  Hoping that one of the guys gets a shot at him soon!

This evening we veered from our normal routine and Marc took the family out to dinner at Cracker Barrel.  We rarely go out with the entire family but if we do, Cracker Barrel is one of the favorites.  I think the kids like the store even more than the food! :o)  After we ate, we all milled around the store for a little while.  It seemed like I heard "Mama, look at this." over and over again.  From one of the oldest looking for a gift for a friend, to the younger ones playing with the toys, they were all pulling at me.  To be honest, sometimes that can be irritating (especially at the end of the day.)  Tonight though, I was able to mentally take a step back and realize how blessed I am.  Thankful that they all wanted to be with their family this evening.  Thankful that something as simple as an evening out to Cracker Barrel was fun to them.  In that moment I purposed to take a minute to notice what each child was looking at.  I sure love each one of them!

The kids home school co-op classes started back this past week.  This semester they are taking things like sewing, crocheting, bead work, and theater.  Malachi is taking P.E., science and Animal Craft Devotions.   I try to let them make their own choices of which classes to take, but I am the most excited about the girls taking sewing again.  Our Tuesdays are packed with piano lessons and co-op classes.  I am always glad when Tuesday evening gets here!

I love this next picture.  We have some children's books about a dog named Carl.  Buddy reminds me of Carl.  The other day the little boys were in trouble because they had gone into the woods behind the barn.  They aren't supposed to go out there without a big kid with them.  I was hollering from the back porch and Buddy kept pacing back and forth looking at me and then looking out into the woods.


Well, I guess I have rambled enough.  Goodnight!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


It was a beautiful day today.  After church we spent most of the afternoon outside.
Marc always has a little helper.
 Cowboy outfit, camouflage pants, striped shirt and bright blue mud boots.  Myles has his own sense of style. :o)

                    Sisters.  The older they get, the more they look alike.

                                       Myles has always looked like Madeline!

                                     Sweet baby Macheus.

                       Malachi running with Buddy.  Yes, he is barefoot!  It was a wonderful day!

McKenzie's last day with Daniel for a while.  He headed back for his last semester of school today.  She was a sad girl this evening, but they had a wonderful month and a half together.

Curled up in mommy and daddy's bed after a long, hard day of play!

Friday, January 17, 2014


Matthew's first time ever ... GOING to school.  He has been home schooled his whole life.  This is his senior year and he is doing dual enrollment taking classes through a  local college.  Last semester he did all of his classes on line.  This semester he is taking one on the campus.  It was VERY weird and sad!  Even McKenzie got a little sentimental watching her "little" brother go off to school.
  In the same week Matthew got his driver's license!  We (thus far) have made our kids wait until 18 to get their license.  It gives them lots of time for practice, after 18 they don't have to take the alcohol and drug class, and it saves a little on our insurance.  Matthew has always been a very confident driver.  I think driving tractors and trucks in fields helped him a lot.

So, today when it came time for him to leave for work... he didn't need me to take him. :(

Malachi watching his big brother leave.  He said,  "WOW!  Matthew is SO cool!"


And this is when I start praying that all of the safety things I have harped on for years are brought to his mind!

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you."
Isaiah 26:3

And then when the phone rings and he calls to tell me he is there, I can breathe a sigh of relief!

               All of the little boys love their "Big Bubbie".  He is so sweet with Macheus. :o)