Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I knew when my daughter ( talked me into doing a blog that I wouldn't be very consistent! That has proven to be true. My intentions are there, I just don't have enough hours in the day!

I am close to 22 weeks along in the pregnancy now. I went to the midwife the day that I figured was 20 weeks (they say I am three days further) for my ultrasound. We debated on just me and my husband going or taking the whole family. We have always taken the children with us to the 20 week ultrasound. We have never had a two year old like Malachi though! I hated for the others to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, so we all packed up and went. The lady that does the ultrasound was very sweet and didn't seem bothered by the large crowd in her tiny room. Malachi watched the big screen on the wall and immediately said, "baby!" We saw a very healthy baby................................ and decided not to tell anyone! :>) All of our children know except the two youngest. As we were leaving I asked Mariah (6) if she knew what the baby was. I was curious to see if she had picked up on it while everyone was talking. She said, No, I know I can't know."


Baseball news

Matthew hit his first home run on the big field!!! It was his goal at the beginning of the season to hit a home run and he really thought it would be cool to hit it over the fence and hit someone's F-150. I told him I thought that was a terrible thing to wish for, but he thought it would really be cool. Well, this week is the last week of the season and he had only hit one home run during a practice. Last night he was up at his first time to bat. He had two strikes on him and he slammed one so hard that it was like a bullet. It flew right over the fence and slammed into the side of a moving.............. yes, you guessed it, a new, white F-150!!! I felt bad for the poor man that was bound to have a big dent in the side of his pick-up truck, but I was so excited for Matthew! He looked like it didn't really sink in with him as he rounded the bases and was greeted by his whole team at home base. It was so cute seeing his grin. For those of you that know Matt, he is a pretty low key guy. He didn't show a whole lot of emotion, but he did have a grin! :>)

We had been praying this whole season that Matthew would have success this season. He is so diligent with his practicing and is just such a good boy. When I see how a lot of boys his age are, I am so thankful that he is still just an innocent boy that works hard and plays hard. When Marc was still coaching high school ball he was told by a fellow coach that didn't understand the life he chose to live that "Good guys finish last." I am so thankful that Matthew is learning at a young age that hard work and diligence pay off. Good guys CAN finish first!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Days

We always look forward to strawberry picking in the spring. We canned about 14 jars of jam so far and have eaten lots of them fresh!Malachi playing hard!

Playing outside. I never know what kind of outfits the girls will be wearing! Madeline out running around with her apron on. McKenzie made it for her for Christmas and she loves it.

Some funny things......................................
One day last week Mariah and I were taking a big brown paper bag of corn shucks out to the horses. When we got outside we saw our two roosters fighting. The white rooster is Mariah's and she is very protective of him. Of the two, he is the friendliest. The black rooster was accidently sent to us last spring when we ordered pullets. He is very aggressive and charges at us anytime we are near him. I was scared to get near their fighting, but it didn't look like the white rooster was doing very well. Mariah ran right in the middle of them swinging her bag at the black rooster and screamed, "Stop it! Stop it! My rooster is a CHRISTIAN rooster!"
Last weekend we attended a homeschool conference. We don't have television at home so anytime we stay at a hotel it is a big deal to watch something like Animal Planet. I overheard this conversation between Madeline (10) and Mariah (6).
Mariah: "It is a good thing I have a mommy and a daddy because I would watch that thing all the time."
Madeline:"No you can't do that, it kills brain cells."
On the way home the weather was bad so we stopped to get some icecream. Mariah's icecream cone dripped on the table and she stuck her tongue out like she was thinking about licking it off the table. Madeline quickly scolded her and said, "Don't do that! You will get the swine flu!"
(What would we do without those big sisters to look after us!?:>)
Here is Mariah's first day of the first grade. I decided to start now since the baby will be here in September.

Now, some not so funny things! Malachi has been a ball of energy lately. Here are a few of the things he has done just in the last week! Dumped several bottles of shampoo into the tub with him, dropped eggs that had just been gathered onto the laundry room floor, dumped a brand new bottle of liquid dish soap on the kitchen floor (early one morning!). While I was cleaning it up he stood watching and shook his head and said, "Why, why, why, why why!" (I don't know where he has heard that!) This picture shows him climbing the pantry shelves to get the bag of balloons down. The next picture is where I found him this morning when he was out of my site for two minutes! (Notice the laundry detergent. He has something for soap!)

Thank goodness he does go to sleep eventually! :>) This was his first night in a "big boy" bed. He is going to bed like a dream now! Too bad we didn't do it weeks ago.

Nineteen Weeks