Friday, October 13, 2017

Fair time!!!


It is late... I am exhausted... It has been a very long week.....

The fair of all fairs is in town!  The Georgia National Fair is huge and when it comes to town we spend a good bit of time out there!  This year was no exception.  I have tons of pictures and I will post them another time. Tonight I am tired. :)

Besides the fair we have fit in school,  violin lessons, eye doctor appointment (my first real eye exam in my life!), and cleaning out clothes!  I am still on a quest for "minimizing" my house, life, schedule....We are getting there.  With each thing I purge I feel more peaceful.  might sound hokey but it is true!  The girls and I were wondering what it would look like if we could see the pile of "stuff" we have purged over the past nine months since we started this!  It is crazy, because I am not really a pack rat.  My house never really looked cluttered, but it is amazing what can be tucked away in attics, closets, drawers etc.  We have great storage in this house... and that is NOT a good thing!  I am trying to make that space more useable with things we actually use!  Clothes... the kids clothes to be exact is one area that really needed to be cleaned out!  I have sold about four Rubbermaid containers worth of boy clothes just  this fall.  I have just listed about 75 more pieces this weekend. I prefer to sell in "lots" for one price. It is much quicker for me. I offer a fair price and almost always sell them within a week.  I have hauled bags and bags of "stuff" to be donated. I haven't found it beneficial time wise to sell household stuff unless it is something large enough to make $50 or more off of.  I sold some bookshelves that Marc got for free. :)  Score!  I have two wooden tables that he got for free, and I am going to try to sell them soon.  They are "cluttering" up our barn. :)  I sold our ottoman because it was just in the way.  I just listed our coffee table.  If we don't use it, love it, or if it's not something very special..... it is GONE!  Now I am not so minimalistic that I want bare. I do like my family pictures and some cute decorations from Hobby Lobby.  I just try not to put too much money into stuff, so when I get tired of it I can get rid of it with no guilt! :) 

With Christmas coming I am really trying to think through what I will buy for everyone!   I love the idea of experiences over "things".  We are getting ready to go on a family trip in November to celebrate Marc's birthday.  We rented a huge cabin that will fit our big clan! We are all excited about getting away together.

Ok.... that was very random... I am tired... I am not going to proofread any of this!  I will post fair pictures soon!  I know anyone out there that happens to read my little ol' blog will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see them. Haha.... :)


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On September 20th, this little fellow turned 8!  Myles Truth is such a sweet, sweet boy.  We are blessed to have him in our lives.

His birthday is exactly one week after Malachi's.  He usually thinks we have to do the same thing that we did on Malachi's. :)

Matthew bought him this Georgia helmet.

He got the day off of school, got to share caramel apples with his brothers, ran errands with his mama, and we had a night out to celebrate with the family!

Freddy's was the place we celebrated with hamburgers and fries for us all! :)

Little Elliot slept through the whole thing.

His own sprite! :)  That is a big deal in our family!

Grandpa is always a part of our family fun! :)

                                             Matthew and Malachi

He loves his big sister.

We got an ice cream cake there. (This was really hard for me! I always make our birthday cakes!)  I was pleasantly surprised that it was good!

                                                Make a wish!


                                         The B-I-L... Daniel!

                                             Our crew!

                                           Madeline Grace and Elizabeth Grace

Their relationship cracks me up.  Uncle Mac and Elizabeth... hugging one minute and hitting the next!

When we finished with dinner we took him to the store and let him pick out a new bike!

I love you sweet boy! I pray that the next year is one of many blessings in your life!

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”  Numbers 6:24-26

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Malachi David - "My beloved messenger"
Happy 11th birthday!  Malachi has grown into such a sweet, hardworking and dependable boy! 
His birthday week was kind of crazy with hurricane "Irma" making her presence.  Our town was flooded with Floridians and things were just out of the "norm" around here.  It definitely changed the dynamics of our week!

The hurricane hit on Monday and our power was knocked out.  We were fortunate that it was back on the next day.  However, Marc's school system was out most of the week.  What was chaos for him with running a school system, was a bonus for us!  It meant he was home the day of Malachi's birthday! :)

He took Malachi and Myles to the Air and Space Museum all afternoon.  It allowed me to get some work done around the house which was nice!

When they got home everyone gathered at our house and we had pizza and salad for supper (his request) and ice cream pie for dessert.

Always such a happy kid!

Always thankful that Grandpa is here!

Matthew had ordered a football helmet for him for his birthday and it hadn't arrived in time.  He printed this picture and Malachi thought this was his gift.  He was happy with just the piece of paper. :)  I love that my kiddos are so simple and the littlest things can make them happy.

Love, love, love these people!!!

Myles was so "helpful" opening the presents.  It is so hard for him to have to wait a whole week until it is his birthday!

Malachi loves to listen to cd's and radio dramas, so he has his own boom box now!

I love you Malachi and pray that this is a great year for you! I pray that you will always honor the Lord in all that you do!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summer's last hurrah!

Beach  and many trips to the swimming pool fill our summer days.  My kids just like to be in the water!  This summer we discovered a local spring that they could swim in.  (I will post pictures next time.)
Last weekend we decided to do something different and went to a local state park and swam in the falls.  It made me a little bit nervous but the kids had a blast!

We left right after church on Sunday, had a picnic lunch and then hit the trail to hike to the falls.

The rocks were slippery and the water was deep in spots.  I didn't do much relaxing, but it was fun to watch them play!

I wish I could upload a video of this. They found a spot that they could safely ride the falls down.  It was hilarious to watch Macheus be tossed about and then go right back for more.

It was such a pretty place!

Matthew is always such a good sport playing with the little boys!

Malachi discovered a little "cave" behind the falls.

Marc stood at the end of the falls and pulled Macheus out with a stick... over and over and over.....

Me and two of my girlies!

Macheus was wiped out!  Madeline used her headband to stabilize his wobbling head. :)

Yes, next post will be pictures from the spring. I can't decide which place is prettier... the falls or the springs. :)