Sunday, December 10, 2017

Legacy of Lights

This past week was Marc's last business trip for 2017 and it was held at a lodge on a beautiful lake. Madeline had to work and Mariah had violin lessons and an orthodontic appointment, so we took the three little boys with us.  I didn't realize until we were on the road that it appeared Macheus was getting sick. McKenzie's babies had RSV the week before so I knew that was probably what he was coning down with. Thankfully, it isn't as rough on bigger kids.

My nights were pretty sleepless because he couldn't breath.  This was what my bed looked like. ;)

During the day he perked up and tried to have fun.  The boys enjoyed the trails and playing around the lake's edge.

The lobby in the lodge was decorated beautifully for Christmas. They had a little "letters to Santa" station set up for the kids.  So cute....

This was a Christmas scene made out of sugar/candy.

Myles was so sweet.  Because we don't really "do" Santa they didn't get the idea of telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas, so he asked him how he was doing in his letter. :)

                                            Boys.... belong outside!!!

Both nights that we were there we drove through the "Legacy of Lights" display.  It was very pretty!

He was a little unsure of being on the dock at first.  They quickly got used to it and started wresting each other.  I decided it was time to get off at that point!

Can you tell the free spirit in the picture? :)

They had "Santa's workshop" set up and the boys got to go see him.  I have no idea what Macheus was saying to him, but Santa kept laughing. Mac tried to leave and he called him back to talk some more.  No telling what he told him!

These boys make my life extremely loud, messy and fun!

                                                   My babes!

Myles: "Look, mommy!  I wrote your name!"  (Spelled m-o-m-m-e!)

"Take my picture by this light.  That will look good."

It didn't take them long to get dirty...... AND wet!

                                                    King of the mountain!

                                                            "We found a cave!"

                                                 "Look at my artifacts!"  #homeschooled

Myles has always been so sweet with Macheus. I hope they will always be this close!

                                                      Getting a little brave!

 I was so glad to get home and I don't think I will be leaving town again before Christmas!  Hope you all are having a peaceful Christmas season!

~Until next time....

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas travels...

Another trip.... more memories...

This was the business trip that Madeline got to go on.  It was so much fun having her with me.  We watched several Christmas Hallmark movies in the bed!  That is something I never get to do!

He has been on so many trips this past year that he knows the drill. :)

The hotel was beautiful!  We were on the fourteenth floor overlooking a beautifully decorated atrium!

Macheus enjoyed the indoor swimming. Madeline and I enjoyed laying there doing nothing. :)

He was getting a little exercise! :)

One of the evenings we went to the mall and walked around. 

Of course, Santa is always at the mall!  We didn't do pictures because it was ridiculously priced and they wouldn't let us use our own camera.  We will hit Bass Pro! I think he preferred waving from a distance anyway.

One of the many trees at the hotel.

One evening Marc and I were supposed to attend a dinner hosted by the architect in charge of Marc's building project.  The man heard that we had two of our kids with us and he insisted that we bring them.  I was a little hesitant to bring Mac but he behaved like a perfect gentleman! :)

Madeline was a bit appalled that her dinner  cost $60! I mean. think of all of the Chipotle bowls that could buy! :)

We also had club level access at the hotel.  We ate breakfast in there and then in the evenings they served hors d'oeuvres (we skipped that) and late evening desserts!  We were a bit spoiled!

Our dessert..... they were so yummy!

Breakfast time.... Macheus always makes friends with people when we travel.  The lady that ran the breakfast was so sweet and reminded us of Alice off of Brady Bunch.  We took her a little Christmas present our last morning and let Macheus give it to her.

Heading home......
just in time for our little town's Christmas parade!

So thankful we have another year celebrating with Grandpa!  He enjoys these little traditions with us.

Love our little agricultural town!

                                                             Sweet sisters...

Mimi and Elizabeth at her first Christmas parade!  She was a bit small for it last year. :)


                                                      Pop and little Elliott

                                                             My bottom four.

So thankful that my big kids value time with their grandpa.  Matthew took him out to eat and then spent the evening with him putting lights on his porch.

The evening after the parade everyone scattered. I babysat the grandbabies that evening and loved every minute of it!

So sweet watching her excitement over the Christmas decorations and lights.

Watching  a little "Barney".  She isn't quite the fan that her mama was, but she did enjoy dancing to the songs.

It is such a busy time of year.  We traveled again this week but we are home now and shouldn't have to leave town again!  I'm close to being finished with my shopping, and hoping to enjoy the Christmas season with all of my people!

~Until next time.....