Tuesday, October 25, 2016


As a home schooling mom I am always interested in extra things for my kids to do.  I'm not so much interested in social/play dates, but rather extra academic things to add to what we are doing at home.  My biggest weakness in schooling them is probably science.  It is always a pain when you go to do an experiment and you don't have the stuff!  I love reading and my favorite thing to teach is History.... but science... not so much!
    (The boys learning about how the water flows across the state of Georgia.)

I was very excited last year when I discovered that our local Air Force base offered STEM classes!  Mariah, Malachi and Myles all take those classes.  (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.)

Another class that they take is at an aquarium that is very close to us!  Macheus goes once a month for the toddler class and the two older boys go to the home school class.  They study plants and animals and get to use microscopes and do dissections!  It is great!

Macheus working hard on his snake!

Dissecting an earthworm when they were studying invertebrates.

When classes are over they love to go do the hunting and fishing simulators!

So cute watching him in his little class!  I love that I can stay through all of their classes!

Serious about their work! :)

Macheus wasn't too sure about touching the live snake!

Sitting in some planes at the Air Force base!

Busy schedule, but I think they enjoy getting out of the house a little and they are definitely learning a lot!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Georgia National Fair 2016

For a week and a half the biggest fair in the state invades our tiny town!  We love to see it come.... and love to see it go! :)
This year we got to go as a family one full day, I took the younger kids another day, and Matthew and Madeline went a couple of times by themselves.

The kids always enter the soap carving contest. 

The day that I took the kids, McKenzie, Elizabeth and Pa joined us!

We always love going off to our favorite quiet spot for a picnic.

Hanging out watching the horse shows.

The little boys love visiting the Thomas the Train booth.

Great-Grandpa with sweet little Elizabeth.

I think he was concerned about those huge horns!

Both of the girls won several ribbons. They entered canning, crocheting and sewing.

Checking out the "Georgia Grown" building... one of my favorites!

 A pretty random picture of Macheus and Pa. :)

Matthew is very into politics. :)  (Disclaimer... I am not a fan of Trump!) :)

She placed on both of these blankets.  She made one of them for Elizabeth and the other is being tucked away in her hope chest.

Sweet Myles......

Not a very good picture, but the only one of me and Marc. :)

Love that Mariah is really starting to take off with her homemaking skills!

Checking out the dairy cows.

                                                       Taking a break! :)

This makes me laugh.  We took this "selfie" before the circus started.  We ended up leaving because it was so crude!  My dad was so confused. :)

My crew.... minus McKenzie!

                                               me and my boy....

                                    Madeline Grace with Elizabeth Grace.

This one cracks me up too.  We were in line for the circus along with hundreds of others.  When the line started to move McKenzie said, "Ok, Pa... push and shove!"  He just laughed. :)

Every year the kids get these nasty slushies!

Loving on the sheep.

This little fellow is so full of life!

More horse shows...............

Watching a late show.


Goodbye fair.... See you next year!