Thursday, July 20, 2017

St. Simons

 The summer is slipping by way too fast!  Last spring we had so many graduations, birthdays and trips planned that it seemed like it would go on forever! 
In June we had a couple of trips for Marc's work.  We have been blessed to be able to have some fun getaways with him.  One of the trips was to St. Simons.  Because it was shorter than the Savannah trip we were able to take the oldest two (and Macheus tagged along. :)  Matthew works a ton and with school keeping him so tied down, it was a sweet time of getting to enjoy the bigger kids!

The waves were a little wild the first day we got there.  The kids made me nervous getting out in it! I've decided I'm a beach person, but not so much an ocean person! :) 

The pools at the place we stayed were so beautiful!  Mac enjoyed moving from one to the next!

The kiddie area was the perfect spot for him.

Four years old.... stay little a little longer sweet boy! (Just realized I spelled his name wrong. LOL!)

Matthew and Madeline both have enjoyed the slower pace of summer with no college classes.  It did my heart good to see them relaxing.

Just watchin' the waves......

Marc was in conference meetings much of the time, but he did get a few breaks to enjoy the water.

This picture makes me laugh.  That expression doesn't look like him. :)

Looked like a storm was brewing but it ended up being just a sprinkle.


We enjoyed a night out at Bennie's steak house. If you ever go to St. Simons it is definitely worth going there!  The steak was amazing!

I love the huge, old trees in St. Simons!  Such a beautiful place!

Bennie's Red Barn

And... we can't go to St. Simons without playing on the playground!

I enjoy taking these little trips with just a few of the kiddos at a time.  However, there is nothing like the whole family being together!  In July we all got to go to the beach together!  I will post about that next time!

Friday, July 7, 2017

This and that...

Whenever summer rolls around I always try to accomplish a few projects that would be hard to do during the school year. Back in May we had one of our bathrooms completely gutted. (I will post about that later!)  We have a small half bath that we put a new countertop/sink in a few years ago.  Because of an overzealous daughter that cleans the heck out of that bathroom my paint was terribly bleached! :)  It was a tan color and I was growing tired of it.  One evening I was home alone with just Macheus!  (That doesn't happen very often!)  I decided to knock out two small projects!

I painted it a light gray, and I love how clean and airy it looks.  I wish I had thought to take before pictures.  I did away with the artwork that I had hanging in there and chose two very simple things instead! (I am so tired of framed pictures!  I used to put so much more money into d├ęcor and realized that you feel guilty getting rid of it.  Now I love doing family pictures on canvas (yay Groupon!) and simple things from places like Hobby Lobby!)

The other little project that I did was I painted our front door!  We have a white farmhouse and it has always had black or dark gray shutters/doors.  I decided to do robin egg blue on the front door, and if I liked it I could do the other front door and the guest house door (Matthew's house... I need to do a post on that too!)  I like it a lot!  Marc and Matthew were not sold on the idea, but since I painted it I think it is growing on them! :) I also painted the ugly brass doorknocker!  Now I just need to find a wreath!

Malachi finished up with all of the "summer schooling" that I wanted to accomplish this week. I will give him the rest of July off and we will start up with everyone in August.  I hated schooling him through May and June, but we had some things we needed to get done.

The other day one of the little boys brought an army backpack in that had been out on the playground for several days.  They laid it on their sisters' bed and roaches crawled out of it!  Mariah and I are both super germ freaks!  I took all of their king size bedding to the laundromat and washed it all on HOT!  We had pest control come spray the whole house inside and out!  I think our problem is taken care of. 
McKenzie laid Elizabeth down for a nap at our house and she went and hung out with me at the laundromat!  We goofed off just a little bit! :) I love that she is close by and we get to still spend time with her! (Baby number 2 is due in five short weeks!  We celebrated sweet Elizabeth's first birthday last week. I will post pictures from that day soon!

Madeline has had a busy spring/summer!  She had four things she wanted to accomplish by this summer.  She graduated from high school, Georgia Military College with her associates, had her wisdom teeth removed and got her license!
This little fellow goes full speed all day.  Whenever I tell him to lay down he always says he's not tired. :)
It has been a hot summer!  We cut a watermelon most afternoons.  The horses love when we toss the rinds to them.

Speaking of hot.....

just us girls got to go swimming on the 4th of July!  We had hair appointments and then spent a couple of hours swimming!

I love my little boys, but it was nice to lay out, read and swim without them hollering and demanding our attention! :)

And, yummy, cold, green smoothies every morning after my run! :)  I love them!  The kids tolerate them!

Well, that is all for this evening! Hope you all are having a fun summer!

~Until next time....

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


When your husband has business in Savannah for eight days straight... you pack your bags and go! 
It was about a month ago, and he had to leave on a Sunday. I stayed home until Monday to get some things done and then I packed up Mariah, Malachi and Myles and we took off.
It rained on us much of the trip.  We were very ready to get to our hotel!

We were blessed with good weather the rest of the time.  That first evening there we took off and walked to River St.

The kids love riding the boat across the river.

You can't go to Savannah and not visit the candy store!

Savannah is one of my favorite spots in Georgia to visit.

                                            Our little crew for the week!

Malachi was excited to be included on this trip.  We try to take different kids on his work trips.

Our pool for the week.  We had it to ourselves most of the time.

They enjoyed ice cream on River St..... twice!  Things you get to do when you only have a few kiddos with you! :)

The kids always love night swims!

There was a Girl Scout troop there.  I guess the boys thought they would get cooties if they swam with them. :)

One day while Marc was in meetings, we took of for the beach!  It started off kind of cool and cloudy.  It ended up clearing out and the boys had a blast.

They explored and found lots of shells!

I enjoyed the time with Mariah.

                                                More swimming fun!

The kids always know that their mama has to hit the gym!  They watched cooking shows and ate snacks while I worked out! :)
More ice cream..... cause you just can't ever have too much ice cream!

One evening Marc had a work dinner at a restaurant on River St.  Mariah kept the boys at the hotel and I went with him.  This was a picture that she texted to us while we were gone.  They all survived and she even cleaned up our hotel room!

                            Another evening of roaming around. 

We ate at some quirky restaurants while we were there.  This one was SO good!  Everything was super healthy!

The kids enjoyed playing in the parks.

This store sold amazing soaps!  We make our own soap at home, but I still went home with a little bag of soap.  It smelled so good!

We love all of the old buildings and history in Savannah.

Fun watching the barges coming into Savannah.

Myles got attached to this umbrella one drizzly evening. He was so funny.

Always a reason to play ball!

Not sure what their goofy looks were all about.

                                                  I love these goobers!

The cemeteries are a must see in Savannah! So much history!

On our last evening there we had a dinner cruise with his work.  The kids loved it!

This little fellow loved looking out the window while he ate.

                                                 My sweet girl.

This was the sunset we got to enjoy from the top deck of the boat after dinner.

I love making memories with my family!

~Until next time....