Wednesday, July 5, 2017


When your husband has business in Savannah for eight days straight... you pack your bags and go! 
It was about a month ago, and he had to leave on a Sunday. I stayed home until Monday to get some things done and then I packed up Mariah, Malachi and Myles and we took off.
It rained on us much of the trip.  We were very ready to get to our hotel!

We were blessed with good weather the rest of the time.  That first evening there we took off and walked to River St.

The kids love riding the boat across the river.

You can't go to Savannah and not visit the candy store!

Savannah is one of my favorite spots in Georgia to visit.

                                            Our little crew for the week!

Malachi was excited to be included on this trip.  We try to take different kids on his work trips.

Our pool for the week.  We had it to ourselves most of the time.

They enjoyed ice cream on River St..... twice!  Things you get to do when you only have a few kiddos with you! :)

The kids always love night swims!

There was a Girl Scout troop there.  I guess the boys thought they would get cooties if they swam with them. :)

One day while Marc was in meetings, we took of for the beach!  It started off kind of cool and cloudy.  It ended up clearing out and the boys had a blast.

They explored and found lots of shells!

I enjoyed the time with Mariah.

                                                More swimming fun!

The kids always know that their mama has to hit the gym!  They watched cooking shows and ate snacks while I worked out! :)
More ice cream..... cause you just can't ever have too much ice cream!

One evening Marc had a work dinner at a restaurant on River St.  Mariah kept the boys at the hotel and I went with him.  This was a picture that she texted to us while we were gone.  They all survived and she even cleaned up our hotel room!

                            Another evening of roaming around. 

We ate at some quirky restaurants while we were there.  This one was SO good!  Everything was super healthy!

The kids enjoyed playing in the parks.

This store sold amazing soaps!  We make our own soap at home, but I still went home with a little bag of soap.  It smelled so good!

We love all of the old buildings and history in Savannah.

Fun watching the barges coming into Savannah.

Myles got attached to this umbrella one drizzly evening. He was so funny.

Always a reason to play ball!

Not sure what their goofy looks were all about.

                                                  I love these goobers!

The cemeteries are a must see in Savannah! So much history!

On our last evening there we had a dinner cruise with his work.  The kids loved it!

This little fellow loved looking out the window while he ate.

                                                 My sweet girl.

This was the sunset we got to enjoy from the top deck of the boat after dinner.

I love making memories with my family!

~Until next time....

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