Monday, June 28, 2010

Twentieth Anniversary

On June 23rd, Marc and I celebrated our 2oth anniversary. I remember years ago thinking that on our 20th, McKenzie would be 17 years old... which is only two years younger than I was when I got married! Time goes by so fast!

Several weeks ago we decided to go to Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia. I have lots of fun memories of going there when I was a child and we would head south to my grandparent's house in the summers. Of course, we knew Myles would go with us because he is nursing. McKenzie would stay home with the rest of the children and keep things going with the animals. The day before we were to leave it crossed my mind to take Malachi with us. This was something I knew Marc would never do! It seems like there is always one child that is more "needy" at different times. Lately, Malachi has been that one. When Marc is home, he is by his side. He watches what Marc does and tries to do the same thing. I was out running and talking to Marc on my cell phone. He mentioned taking Malachi with us. I laughed thinking he would change his mind. I have been reading the book "To Train Up A Child". While I don't agree with everything in the book, I have gleaned some good things from it. I love the chapter on "tying heart strings" with your children. So, on the trip every time Malachi would cry or do something crazy, we would laugh and say, "We are tying heart strings!" Hopefully one day when he hears that he went on our 20th anniversary trip with us he will know how much he is loved! :>)

We hiked the mountain... up and back down! Myles in the front pack and Malachi partly on foot and partly on Marc's back! Needless to say, we got a work out! We weren't 2 minutes into the hike when Malachi said, "My legs are tired!" Yes, we were crazy!

He was such a little grouch at the top, we couldn't get a decent picture of him!

Myles was a little angel on the entire trip. This restaurant that we ate at was so slow. He was very patient!

Malachi discovered "fried pickles". I didn't care for them, but the guys did.

We hung out at the pool a lot! It was nice because the resort was full of mostly business people. We pretty much had the pool to ourselves.

The first night there we went to see the Laser show. We had some glow in the dark necklaces. Malachi bit into one and swallowed some of the liquid. After a huge scare and a call to poison control we were assured that he would be fine! When the lady at P.C. asked for the child's name I told her he already "had a record"! Never a dull moment with this little monkey!

When we arrived home we pulled up to Matthew with a bloody arm where one of the horses had gotten out. It had just happened as we were pulling into the driveway. Other than that, things at the house went smoothly. McKenzie always does a fabulous job. The house was spotless, laundry done and she even had this vase of flowers and a yummy, chocolate, heart cake baked for us!

I am thankful for 20 years of marriage to a very Godly man! We had a great time getting away (even with Malachi along!) We had lots of time to talk about plans for this year, goals for our children and talked about things we love about each one of our children and each other. With six children talking is something that doesn't always happen easily around here. I am looking forward to the next twenty years, maybe not quite as eventful as the first! :>)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quotable Quotes...

I was cleaning up our office and came across a letter that Madeline wrote to send to the White House. One of the books she has read this summer was about the building and history of the White House. It had a quote by John Adams that she thought was neat. She wrote it down and wanted to mail it to those living there now. :>)
It says: "I Pray Heaven to Bestow the Best Blessings on this house and on all that shall hereafter inhabit it. Let none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof."
We did some research on quotes by John Adams and came across this one too. "Power always thinks.. that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws."
I love reading quotes from our forefathers! They seem to have had so much more wisdom than the majority of our leaders today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Look Who Turned 9 months old!

Happy Monday to You...

Because my husband told me I needed to update my blog...

Life is crazy right now. Days are packed. Trying to soak up the summer before it is gone. I will blog more later!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday McKenzie

Seventeen years ago today the Lord made me a "mama". I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! You often hear older people say, "Enjoy them, they grow up so fast." It is true. Mariah (7) reminds me so much of McKenzie. She has an outgoing personality like McKenzie and she will do things that remind me of her. It seems McKenzie should be that little girl still. I have been going through old pictures trying to find some that captured her seventeen years. I had a hard time because there were so many cute ones. Here are a few...

We bought this bathing suit when I was pregnant, not knowing if the baby was a girl or a boy. I wanted a girl so bad! This picture was so funny because it looked like she was posing. She would grab the back of her head when she was nervous.

Her first Christmas. This one looks like Myles to me.

McKenzie and Marc the night he took her out to eat and gave her "purity" ring to her.
McKenzie and Abasha dressed up in Hawaiian stuff!

Her first quilt. She made it for Mariah and won second place on it at the fair.

She got "superior" at piano festival for three years and won a trophy.

She won a horse through a 4-H writing contest. This is the day we went to meet "Scout".

Her little sisters love her!

McKenzie, you are a precious blessing to us. I am so thankful the Lord saw fit to give you to us seventeen years ago! I hope you have a wonderful 17th year! Happy Birthday. Love, mama

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Matthew the snake slayer

Madeline came in a week or so ago screaming that there was a huge snake in her chicken coop. Matthew was so pumped up about getting his gun out. He went out there (while the rest of us stayed in the house!) and killed it. He loves when he gets a chance to shoot something. I think it is a guy thing! :>)

Matthew is over six feet tall, so that gives you an idea of how long that thing was!

It doesn't matter that Myles is the youngest of six children, there are tons of pictures of him! Someone is always taking his picture. McKenzie took him outside for a "photo shoot" the other day. She posted some on her blog, but I thought she left out some funny ones!
His expression in this one was so funny!

I'd cry too if I had to sit on a rock driveway with bare legs!

I don't know if this picture is big enough to see our not, but his eyes were so funny in this one.

Found destroying my stack of coupons on my bed! He looked quite pleased with himself!

This is where you will find Myles most mornings. He loves to sit in his walker and look out the front window. Such a content little guy!

I had more pictures to post but the computer is not cooperating. It has been very slow, but now it is really bad! I am trying to post pictures so I can delete them off the computer and hopefully that will help speed it up some!
Well, it is heating up outside... summer is here!