Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Recently, I took two of the boys and tagged along on one of Marc's business trips to Savannah. That is one of my favorites places to go!  He typically has at least two trips there a year, and we still haven't seen all of the history there!

This is just some of the many pictures that I took.   If you don't like looking at lots of pictures you might want to skip this post. :)  I like to store pictures on my blog that I may not always print.

It is always so sweet to have just a couple of the kids with us and really be able to focus on them.  These two were a lot of fun! :)

Evenings walking on River Street are some of my most favorite memories!  We have been doing this since McKenzie was a baby!

We have been to Savannah  too many times to count and this was our first time to the famous Leopold's ice cream shop. I love ice cream, but honestly I would just assume have Publix brand chocolate almond ice cream. :)  Marc says its not really ice cream that I like because I pour milk over the top of it. :)

The "waving girl" statue down by the river.  Legend has it that she stood waving the ships in every day waiting for her "love" to come home.  They say she died of a broken heart and worn out arms. :)

The boys thought this old jukebox was pretty neat.  It actually worked.

My little photo bomber. :)  I will miss those little faces being in all of my pictures one day!

This was St. John The Baptist Cathedral and it was gorgeous!  I took many pictures in there, but somehow they are never as interesting as in person.

Lots and lots of wonderful history in this city!

Waiting on the ferry to come pick us up.

This was The Ships of the Maritime Museum.  The boys enjoyed it.

We did the trolley tour two different days.  It really made it easy to get on and off throughout the town and see a lot more.

Checking out the old stone walls while riding the trolley.

My sweet fellow.

This was at the Massie School which was the first public school in Savannah.  That was pretty neat to see too.  I loved putting the dunce hats on my little dunces. :)

My pictures didn't upload in order..... :)

ringing the school bell in the principal's office....

Riding the ferry boat at night is so beautiful.

Myles was being so serious sitting in this seat in the cathedral and whispered, "I think this seat is for a fat man."

Creating some of their own architecture.  Malachi really  has a knack for building and creating things.

In the mornings we would get their school work done and then hit the gym.  They were quite the workout partners!

Me and my man.....

Another dunce pic.....
Breakfast buffet at the hotel.  This kid can put away the food!

Making him drink his green smoothie. Not quite as good as the homemade ones we drink at home. :)

The candy shops on River St. are always a favorite spot!

Forsyth Park Fountain.  We have pictures in front of this when our oldest were babies.

Some random statue that he wanted his picture taken with.  Love this kid. :)

                                                "SO much sugar!!!!"

Daytime on the river.

I love that he will still hold his daddy's hand.

Posing with Tomochichi..


This was while we were eating breakfast at the hotel. He would rather stand at the window and watch the ships go in and out on the river.

More trips to the candy store....

It was a bit chilly for the pool.  They were standing there posing for this picture and shortly after, Myles pushed Malachi into the pool.  Boys......

                                                 Yep... this sums them up!

And he was posing with Oglethorpe.  Love the history we learned about him while we were there.  When they were settling in Savannah he pitched a tent when the rest of the men were building houses.  He said he had too much work to do to waste time building a house.  What a man! :) 

Malachi's turn to ring the school bell.

Love these two kids!  Myles was posing so sweetly and Malachi said, "Really mama! Hurry up!" :

"An abacus bigger than mine!"

My two dunces! :)

This was in front of the cathedral.

Beautiful place! If you are ever anywhere near Savannah, Georgia it is well worth spending a day there!


A pair of canons that  were gifts from George Washington to the city.  They have been nicknamed "George and Martha".

Even after busy days of walking these monkeys had a hard time falling asleep!

Very motivated to get his school work done!

I love his little face in this picture. :)

This was in front of the old Pirates House Restaurant.  We ate there when Madeline was a baby.... many years ago!


The houses there are amazing!  This old mansion is now an antique/junk store.  We walked all three stories of it just to see the house! 

I think they had ice cream three times while we were there! And yes, Myles is the one that is supposed to be "sugar free".  We paid for it and he hasn't had anymore sugar since this trip! :)

"Look mama, I'm a statue!"

one last ride on the ferry before heading home....

Such a fun trip and many sweet memories were made.....