Friday, June 15, 2018

Busy days...

About a month ago we got our baby chicks! I think we ordered three different kinds this year.  Malachi has taken over the care of the  chickens and selling the eggs.  He is quite the little entrepreneur!

Starting them off on some sugar water.....

This grocery cart cracks me up.  I think I blogged about it at Christmas.  It was the ONLY thing that Myles asked for. He has found many uses for it including gathering eggs and unloading my groceries.   The sweet manager at Publix saw to it that he got a cart.  He is counting down the years until he can work there like his big brother did.  Matthew just laughs and says he hopes he has higher aspirations. But hey... it served him well for  a season! :)

It is blueberry season!

I've been finishing up the last of mine in the freezer so we were ready!

We put seven gallons up in the freezer the other day, ate a gallon fresh and they are busy picking again today!  Hoping to pick a bunch more!

Madeline's little kitchen helper.  Keepin' his hands busy!
Madeline made this beautiful blueberry pound cake and went visiting our shut-in neighbors down the road.  Sharing with them and her brothers.... it will be gone by bedtime!

We have had so much rain this spring1  Everything is green!

~Until next time.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Family Vacation

We travel so much with Marc's job but this trip was just a fun family getaway! Marc planned this months ago and it is weird that it is over!  Matthew didn't get to go with us because of work. :(

We stopped and ate a picnic that Madeline so sweetly made for us. :)

It was fun to stop when we went through Cherokee, NC.  The last time we stayed there was when Mariah was a baby!

With all of the rain that the southeast has had this spring everything was green and the rivers were full!

We stayed at a hotel on a river in Gatlinburg.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed having the pool to themselves most of the time that we were there!

And the slide was an extra surprise for them!

We drove over to Pigeon Forge one evening to go to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.  We took McKenzie there for her tenth birthday... that was a long time ago!

It didn't disappoint.  The kids all enjoyed it and the boys were so excited at the amount of food they got! :)

Listening to a country group while we waited for showtime.

Macheus humored me with a picture with one of the dressed up girls.

We bought the awkward souvenir picture last time we went so we got it this time too.  Sweet "Baby L" is behind the heart emoji.  I look forward to the day that we can show his sweet little face!

Looking at the show horses.

We spent one day at Dollywood.  As far as amusement parks go this is one of the nicest!

The kids ran from ride to ride. I rode the train and this one ride with Mariah. I made the mistake years ago riding a roller coaster with the kids and was sick all day. 

I love their faces in this next picture... especially Marc's  :)

We had one downpour in the afternoon but it moved out pretty quickly. 

Marc still goes strong when it comes to the crazy rides!  Glad he can do it with them!

I watched them all ride the swings from the ground.  Made me dizzy just watching!

Looks like he is eating the person in yellow. :)

These aren't in order but the next picture is at the end of the day after they all got soaked on a water ride.

Mariah absolutely loves Dolly Parton.  She enjoyed seeing things about her life while we were there.

We spent another day at Cade's Cove.  I think this was my favorite thing from the whole trip!  The ride was beautiful and it was so peaceful riding through it.  We saw a total of five bears! One was on the side of the road and the others were in Cade's Cove.

Pictures don't do it justice.  It was breathtaking!

Boys..... always climbing....

Looking into the grist mill grinder.

There was a man in the church playing music on some old stringed instrument.  (I can't remember what it was called.)  Mariah has been taking violin lessons this past year so she enjoyed visiting with him.

This next picture was at the top of a mountain that I ran one afternoon. That was a slow but hard run!

Such gorgeous views...…

Thankful for more sweet memories made with my people.....