Saturday, August 20, 2016

School days...

The summer has slipped by way too fast!  Well, technically it is still summer, but when school starts it just changes.
My computer has been in the shop most of the summer.  We have a brand new computer and it has been nothing but trouble.  Marc picked it up last night and it still doesn't seem to be fixed.  They told us to bring it back in and I'm hoping they will just replace it.  I decided to do a quick post before he takes it back.  I can't figure out how to upload a picture from my phone or ipad.  The kids hog the laptops during the school year.

Thank the Lord Malachi is a very good reader now!  He is pretty independent with his work.  Myles started 1st grade and that takes a lot of my time.  Macheus is three, but thankfully he plays really well by himself.  School starting has been harder on Myles than Mac!

Mariah's last year in middle school! :(

She is completely self/computer taught.  Marc does her science with her once a week and I do her testing.  Other than that, she is pretty independent.  We tested her this past spring and she is above grade level in every area, so I guess it is working for her!

Madeline is a senior in high school, and a sophomore in college!  She did amazing last year!  I'm really hoping that she has gotten the hang of things and doesn't spend quite as much time on it this year.  Her life was consumed with school last year.  Her classes are all online and the professors are tough!  There is no slacking and they pile on the work!  She was on the President's list every quarter last year!

                    Pretty proud of this girl!

Sweet little Myles.  He is so much fun to teach.  We will be in the middle of a lesson and he will say something out of the blue.  The other day he stopped what he was doing, pinched my cheek and said, "You are so cute!"  :)

This guy has grown up SO much since last year!  He is like a sponge!  He loves watching documentaries and asks a million questions about EVERYTHING!

Wondering when that other front tooth is going to come in!  The dentist assures me that it IS in there! :)

The girls started back their piano lessons this month too.  The boys have STEM classes once a month, and we are going to try out some science classes at a local fishing center. Macheus goes to his "slithering snakes" class next week.  That should be fun!
Busy days!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beach Trip 2016

Just a couple of weeks before McKenzie's due date, we took off for the beach.  I was so nervous she was going to go into labor while we were gone,  but the timing of all of it couldn't have been more perfect!
Our annual beach trip picnic.  When you don't eat at most fast food restaurants you tend to pack your own food for trips. :)
Our van felt SO empty! :(  McKenzie and Daniel were able to go to the beach with us last year.  This year not only were they missing, but Matthew got left behind.  Growing up stinks.... probably more for me than for them!

As soon as we unpacked the van the kiddos hit the beach!

Macheus always doing his own thing!

 Attempting a picture with all three of the boys.  Never works out too well. :)

Madeline has really enjoyed her summer break!  School starts back next Monday for all of us.

Malachi missed having his big brother to play with.

I sure love these two girls!

"Say cheese!"

Every year we have done a birth order picture on the beach.  This year it turned out fabulous! :)

                        Enjoying the days of him being "mommy's boy"!

I ran on the beach every afternoon while the rest of them took a break from the heat.  It was so peaceful.  Jekyll Island is such a beautiful place.
These two have a hard time giving it up at the end of a day.

One of the days we went to the water park.  It was so much fun!

I didn't get many pictures because.... we were in the water the whole time!  They even had a big water slide that I could take Mac on.  We rode it together over and over again!

Myles enjoyed getting to soak everyone around him.

Waiting for the huge bucket to dump.

And... it did!

 On a little slide all by himself!

He slept hard at naptime!
Mariah started feeding him Oreos in his sleep trying to get him to wake up so we could go play some more!
Riding bikes is always fun to do on the island.  We rented a cool family bike.

I love the trees on Jekyll and St. Simons.

Drink breaks are so important when you are little! :)

Dinner on St. Simons Island.

Only on vacation do you get to eat ice cream while you wait for your dinner to be served. :)

 Madeline did the driving on the way home.  Marc was tired and it gave Madeline some different road experience.
Well, this was just a few of the pictures I took.  I miss the beach already!  The girls' trip and our family trip were both so much fun!  I love making memories with my kids, and I'm always a little blue when summer winds down and another school year is upon us.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Busy days

The summer is slipping by so fast.  I get weary of the heat by this time of year, but I will never wish for summer to be gone!

We had a dozen baby goats this year!  We have sold most of them.  We are keeping two of the doelings this year and we have one little buckling left to sell.  He was the prettiest baby this year so we waited until the rest were gone before we listed him.  We sold one of our mamas this year too.  She had a nasty disposition and tore up every fence, shelter, stall that we built!  Her new owner loves her!  Go figure! :)

There are days that I would like to get rid of every animal out there!  It is a LOT of money and work!  Then I watch the children working so hard out there and I remember why we got into all of this!  Not only does it provide food for our family, but it has taught them to work HARD!  Malachi has really grown up in the last year.  Matthew is gone so much now that he has had to really step up.  At nine years old he is in charge of taking out the trash, cleans our stairs every morning, feeds and waters the dog, bottle feeds the baby goats every morning, gathers eggs every day and hangs out laundry for me.

One of our horses got tangled up in some of the wire fencing on the horse pasture last spring.  Marc tore the entire thing down and put up wood fencing.  It was a huge job and they literally finished at 10:00 the night before we were supposed to leave for the beach.  We always seem to be frantically finishing up a project before we leave for vacation.  Really poor planning.... or maybe NO planning!

Meet Candy.

And.... this is Mocha.

Mariah is our horse crazy girl! It has been so hot lately that she only rides in the evenings.

This is "Mandrake" and "Poppy".  We bought them last year to add registered Nubians to our herd.  We think she is bred and should kid this winter.  We are hoping so, because we will have milk when the rest of the herd is dry.

Myles...... such a fun little boy!

Matthew is still working two part time jobs in addition to going to school full time.  He has worked at the local feed and seed store since he was sixteen.  Hauling our feed bags is nothing for him! :)

Madeline and Mariah do so much with the animals.  I'm very thankful for the hard work that they put into it.  I usually go out in the evenings to help with things like cleaning out the goat stalls and bottle feeding babies.  We definitely couldn't do all that we do without the two of them though!

"Lily" sporting Madeline's cap. :)

When we have a refrigerator full of eggs and fresh goat milk..... it makes it all worth it. :)