Sunday, February 11, 2018

Just another manic Monday....

Mondays are hard to get back into the groove of school.  We also have extra busy Monday's because we have piano out of town and I run errands for my dad on Monday!

Doing a little "word building".  This has been a tremendous help with his spelling!

And of course... a little standing on the head helps too!

Playground time while Mariah is at piano.

I always have these tiny rocks in my washing machine on Tuesday morning. :)

They never use things the way they are intended! :)

And I wanted a cute picture of them standing against the brick wall. 

                                              Was it too much to ask?

                                               Apparently so!

                                                Goofy boys!

Never did get one of them all looking but at least this shows their height!

~Until next time....

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

An evening stroll...

We are surrounded by farm land and one of our favorite things to do is walk the paths in the evenings.

Wearing these two out before bedtime!

                                                          Endless energy....

"Mama, will you flat this cotton and make me a shirt?"  :)
They are now sound asleep and I am headed that way soon!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Celebrating Macheus!

I always get a little sad the night before their birthday.  Their last night being that age. :(
When someone asks Macheus how old he turned he says, "16".  When he woke up on his birthday we told him since he could drive now we got him a pick-up truck. :)
Marc was able to take the day off and we all headed to the zoo.  McKenzie and her babies were able to go with us!  We had such a fun day!
The gang.

Marc and his three wild boys!

                                                 The birthday boy!

Madeline is studying land animals with the boys for science right now so this trip counted as school!

Running up and down the pier where the alligators were!  With the temperatures being cool they weren't very active but it still made me very nervous!

                                              Posing like a meerkat!

How big is your wing span!

These monkeys were hysterical!  We literally had the zoo to ourselves.  We hardly even saw a worker.  The kids broke all the rules and climbed the barrier to get up close to these guys.  They made the monkeys nervous.  They were mean little creatures. :)

Picnic lunch at the park.  He had such a good day!

                                                      One of the many alligators!

Yep, breaking the rules......

                                           Checking out the reptile exhibit

                                                       My sweet little Elizabeth.

                                                    Endless energy!

Why is it so much more fun to feed animals at a petting zoo than it is at home? :)


Since we were gone on his birthday we made his cake the next day.  He wanted an "Odd Squad" cake after the PBS kids show.  I couldn't find anything but this edible picture of some of the "agents"  It was so gross but he loved it!

                                                   Surrounded by people that love him.

Love that grandpa always gets to celebrate with us.

We got him his own glasses so he could look like an odd squad agent!

Sweet Macheus.... we love you to pieces!  I pray that you will always find joy in life and that you will always love people as much as you do now.
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." Romans 15:13