Friday, May 30, 2014

Busy Days

Each week I think "maybe next week will be a little slower", but life seems to stay incredibly busy.  I guess it is just part of having grown "kids" and still trying to raise little ones.  I feel very stretched most days!

We have had graduation stuff, wedding planning, weddings to attend, dentist appointments for the entire family (now THAT'S a lot of fun!), the kids going in every direction and on and on and on..  you get the idea!

Matthew started a new job this past week at Publix grocery store.  He has worked at a local feed and seed store for the past two years.  The environment there is pretty rough and we knew his school schedule next fall wouldn't work with their store hours.  I've always said Publix would be a pleasant place to work.  He was supposed to work in the meat department but they ended up needing him in the bakery. :o)  His hours are REALLY early!  That is going to change his summer sleep schedule just a little!
                  This little guy sure loves watermelon.  He eats piece after piece!

                          Macheus' first taste of watermelon.

Mariah and grandpa. She is always so sweet to spend time with him. 

Fun times playing outside.

Malachi is really growing up.  He has really gotten into Lego building in the last few months.  He will sit and build for hours.

Mariah is my outdoor girl.  Some days she wants to be a "big girl" and others she still wants to play hard.

Well, it is late.  McKenzie and I went out of town to a wedding this evening.  When I come home late I have the hardest time unwinding and going to bed.  I will pay for this in the morning though!

Good night!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Graduation Celebration

When we began talking about Matthew's graduation he told me he didn't really want a graduation ceremony like we had for McKenzie.  I was a little bit sad but realized his personality is very different than hers.  He is the kind of guy that would rather have one good friend (and he is very loyal!) than have a big group of acquaintances.
We gave him some options of things we could do for his graduation.  He decided he wanted to go on a little weekend get-away with just Marc and I.  (Well, right now Macheus is attached, so he went  along.)
 We took a trip to Atlanta which conveniently meant it was all about Braves baseball!  I had such a "guy" weekend. :o)

Macheus was so good the whole time.  He is a pretty happy fellow.
Even the restaurant where we ate was "baseball" themed. 

After we ate we took a walk around Turner Field.

The next morning Matthew and I left our hotel and went running around the stadium.  He thought it was cool to say he had run around Turner Field and I was just glad to get a workout in!

We went to the CNN center.  That is a pretty neat place to see.

Atlanta's Ferris Wheel is 20 stories high.

                                              Centennial Olympic Park

                                                 Being goofy. :o)

Underground Atlanta.  This was a big disappointment.  We haven't been there since the older kids were young and it has changed a lot.

I have a picture of McKenzie, Matthew and Madeline next to this when they were little.

The capitol-   Fun fact:  The gold used to cover the dome was mined from Dahlonega.  It took three days for  a seven mule caravan to take the gold to Atlanta.  Yes, I am a home school mom. :o)  I have done Georgia History three times so far. :o)

This freaked me out!  Window washers hanging by cables!  It was a LOT higher than this picture makes it look!  And it appears that that was a platform underneath them but it wasn't.  That was a separate building next door.

The Braves store at the CNN Center.

The fountain show at Olympic Park.

                                                Happy Baby!

Their expressions cracked me up.  You'd have to see the sight that was in front of them to get how funny their reactions were.  Oh the things you see in a city!

The highlight of the trip for Matt was the BRAVES game!  He was the first one through the gate! :o)

The year he was born! :o)

Another captured expression that made me laugh.  He walked all over the stadium!


     The pitcher and catcher for the game. Can't remember their names. Yes, I'm a huge sports fan! :o)

                                                       Smiley boy.

                                        Baseball is serious stuff. :o)

He was pretty excited that he got a foul ball too.

It was pretty fun to watch the post game news people.  We don't have television so Matthew listens to the Braves on the radio.  He got to see (and hear) the radio guy that he always listens to.

It was a good weekend making memories with our son.  It seems so weird that he is finished with highschool.  I am thankful that I had him home with me all these years.  The time goes by so fast!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  I love this time of year!  We visited a church about thirty minutes away that morning.  It was a very nice church service.

 My last Mother's Day picture with all of my kiddos at home! :(

When we got home the girls worked in the kitchen and fixed a yummy lunch.  I like light, cold food this time of year.  They did a wonderful job!


Later in the afternoon we made homemade ice cream!  I think Macheus was hoping grandpa would share. :o)

                             Myles ate, and ate, and ate......

Nothing yummier than homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup!

 The kids showered me with presents.  It was so sweet seeing the things that they picked out.  (I'm pretty sure Marc helped with the little boys' present. :o)

 McKenzie got me this cool chalkboard stand.  They were all so thoughtful with the things they gave me.

Ok, I couldn't leave off this last picture.  Matthew gave me his present and when I opened the card it said  "How about a night out with me this week?"  So, the other night just the two of us went out for pizza and then shopping.  Marc and I try to do one on one things with the kids but I rarely do anything by myself with Matthew. I love being able to focus on just one child.  It was such a sweet night listening to him talk about his goals for the future.  After we ate we took several pictures with the phone just being silly. :o)

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of sweet memories with my family.  Life is so fast paced.... sometimes I have to slow down and reflect on how blessed I am.