Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Boys' Room

The boys' room.... 

We have a bed wetter.  The smell was getting really bad.  We ripped up the carpet and that helped a ton.  Marc laid these beautiful wood floors!  The smell was still faintly there and one day I drug the mattresses out the front door! We bought two new mattresses and two new vinyl protectors!!!  :)

Moving Mac's little bed in here where Matthew used to be.  It is such a huge space now!   We painted the walls lighter colors this time.

I bought new sheets but skipped bedding.  It is hard to make bunk beds and they all have their favorite fleece blanket.  This is simpler for them and easy for me to wash everything each week.

I bought this cute little dresser from a lady that paints furniture.  She hadn't worked on this piece yet and I wanted to paint it myself.  She was going to change out the hardware and I love the hardware on it!  It is probably from the 60's or 70's I'm guessing.

They have their Lego table and their Lego container has to stay on the bottom shelf.  They have a large walk-in closet that has a huge bookshelf with all of their books on it.  There is a basket of wooden blocks, a basket with their Thomas trains and matchbox cars, and a container with their Lincoln Logs.  I have cleaned out a ton!  I love that even when the room is a "mess" it can be cleaned up in about five minutes!

This is an old antique dresser that I used when I was a teenager.  It has Malachi's clothes in it.  It doesn't really go with the rest of the furniture but it works for now! :) 

Onto the next project!!!


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Elizabeth said...

It looks great! So clean and open. I struggle with my boys room. We have three in there also- close to the ages of your boys- 11, 9 and 2.5. It can go from clean to horrendous in a matter of minutes it seems. My biggest struggle is clothes and toys. The bigger boys do not have many toys but I feel bad getting rid of too many toys Jackson will play with. But I love the openness of your boys' room, so I will go through it all AGAIN. (Seems like i go through clothes at least once a month!)

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some very nice and old interior products. I enjoyed your writing really. you capture this boy's room story in a unique and interesting style. now waiting for the next project;)

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Seems like these boys are very well disciplined otherwise most of the boys rooms are clumsy. Furniture is though a bit old but they have well decorated it with other things. Really appreciate the work in the rooms its nice.