Thursday, April 27, 2017

This and that....

Life is crazy right now with all of the end of the school year things going on.  This little project had been hanging over my head for months, so I finally decided to get it done!

This old buffet was a piece an old friend was trying to get rid of many years ago.  I rode with my mom to look at it and we laughed so hard when she paid the guy $50 for it!  It isn't in perfect condition, but I do love the way it looks!

I don't like dark wood.  I have painted with linen chalk paint and I recently did a light gray on another antique cabinet that I have.  I decided to do this one in charcoal.  It is darker than I anticipated, but our dining room is the lightest room in the house.

I was happy with the way it turned out.  I just emptied the contents, which was stuff I had been trying to sell.  I hauled it all away to be donated. (FREEDOM!)  I have cleaned out and cleaned out! I am getting so close to where I want to be with minimizing our belongings!  I have dishes that were my mom's that I plan on putting in the bottom.  I'm trying to get as much as possible out of my attic and storage room. 

 Myles has lost several teeth lately.  I love his messy little smile! :)  I know it won't last long, and he will be a big boy before I know it!  I try to soak up every little age!

These two little fellows have always been so close.  I have so many pictures of them that look just like this one.  I hope they will always love each other like this!

I spent last weekend cleaning out my dad's storage unit! (yes, in the midst of trying to get my own house cleaned out! I am sick of "stuff"!)  We came across this picture of Mariah when she was little.  I had posted it on my blog many years ago and my mom thought it was so funny that she printed it and framed it for my dad.  Macheus found it and was horrified.  He said, "He (he only uses masculine pronouns.)  is so rude.  He is saying bad words."  He was so serious... it made me laugh.

Well, it is late and I need to get in bed!  We have been busy getting ready for Madeline's graduation this weekend and I have a lot to do tomorrow!


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Your little angel fellows are really very cute and their love for each other is enchanting. Over all you blog is very nice and heart touching filled with color of lives.