Sunday, April 2, 2017

A couple of weeks ago we took off on a day trip to see Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon".  We rarely have a day when we are all home together, so it was a much needed break from the routine!

The weather was perfect for hiking the canyons!  We took a picnic, hiked and relaxed!

 I'm not sure why we haven't been before!  I went as a child, but this is the first time I even thought about taking my kids.
 Nothing like the wide open outdoors for little boys!  They ran full speed all day!

I try to soak up this time with Matthew.  I know his time at home will be gone before I know it.

 The views were gorgeous!


 I love these two little munchkins!

And this one..... :)

 Squeezing into the little caves.

 This was about as far as I went!

Macheus was a trooper! I didn't think he would handle it as well as he did!

The history of the area was pretty neat.  We learned that the canyon was formed during the 1800's due to poor farming practices.  Kind of interesting...

So much to explore...

Matthew... always climbing something.

Malachi being a goof ball!


"Bubbie" (Matthew) ran and jumped the stump..... so everyone had to give it a try. :)


Such a peaceful day... and such a beautiful place.  We are already planning our visit next fall!


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Lovely pictures! the kids seem to enjoy the whole trip fully. It looks like you have an adventurous trip with the kids. The scenery is beautiful behind.