Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summer's last hurrah!

Beach  and many trips to the swimming pool fill our summer days.  My kids just like to be in the water!  This summer we discovered a local spring that they could swim in.  (I will post pictures next time.)
Last weekend we decided to do something different and went to a local state park and swam in the falls.  It made me a little bit nervous but the kids had a blast!

We left right after church on Sunday, had a picnic lunch and then hit the trail to hike to the falls.

The rocks were slippery and the water was deep in spots.  I didn't do much relaxing, but it was fun to watch them play!

I wish I could upload a video of this. They found a spot that they could safely ride the falls down.  It was hilarious to watch Macheus be tossed about and then go right back for more.

It was such a pretty place!

Matthew is always such a good sport playing with the little boys!

Malachi discovered a little "cave" behind the falls.

Marc stood at the end of the falls and pulled Macheus out with a stick... over and over and over.....

Me and two of my girlies!

Macheus was wiped out!  Madeline used her headband to stabilize his wobbling head. :)

Yes, next post will be pictures from the spring. I can't decide which place is prettier... the falls or the springs. :)

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