Friday, August 11, 2017

School days...

August means school begins!  I am never ready, but ready or not... it was time!
Here is a little peek into our first weak.

Malachi started 5th grade.  He is doing Teaching Textbooks this year for math. Best change EVER for him! 

This little fellow is in second grade this year.  We are continuing on with Saxon math, various things for Language and reading lots of good books!  We also are studying land animals this year.

High School!?!  When did THAT happen!?! Seems like Mariah should be about five still! :(
She is quite independent with her studies.  She is taking Algebra 1 with TT, Apologia Biology, a grammar program and studying American History this year.  Should be a good year for her.  I love that she is driven and self-motivated! Makes life easier for me!

These two goof balls getting ready to start science!

Oh the juggling act of having different ages.  I would love to sit and snuggle with this fellow and his books all day, but it is usually limited to a short time in the afternoon. (One day we both ended up falling asleep on my bed.  Now THAT was a good day! :)

Our college kiddos! (Showing off their new technology!)  I love that when Marc took them to get them they prayed that they would only be used for good!  That night both kids independently (and without us asking) came to us with their passwords.  They are such good kids!
 Matthew is studying Aviation Maintenance and Logistics.  Madeline is studying English and Journalism. They are both juniors in college!

Mariah started piano lessons back up (her tenth year!), but added violin this year!  I think she is going to enjoy it.

I love that we still have a little one in the house.  It means I still get to read all of my favorite children's books! :)

And then last but certainly not least....
Madeline has had many changes in her life!  She turned 18 in March but was too busy making straight A's in college to take time to get her license. :)  She finally got it this summer. and she began a new job teaching piano at a local music studio.

This was her first day driving off by herself. I was a little nervous but she did fine and is now confidently tootling through town in "Big Red"!
She is the third of our kids to begin their independent driving in Marc's farm truck. He lets them drive it until they can afford to buy their own vehicle.

Madeline will be teaching at the studio two days a week, work as a contract journalist for our local newspaper, and go to school full time this fall!  She will be a busy girl!

Today is the last day of our second full week of school!  We are hurrying through a few subjects and then headed to the local springs to swim!  Soaking up the last days of summer!

~Until next time....

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